43 SPEC Kit 351: Affordable Course Content and Open Educational Resources
Workshops, library guides, websites
30. Please indicate the knowledge, skills, and abilities your library employees need to have or develop
to meet the needs of the initiative. Check all that apply. Then select up to three that are the most
important. N=42
Knowledge, Skill, Ability Need Most Important
Familiarity with the availability of ACC/OER resources 39 24
Intellectual property/copyright/open licensing 38 25
Familiarity with search strategies for ACC/OER resources 35 18
Assessment 29 7
Familiarity with the learning management system 26 4
Project management 25 11
System/technology 18 1
Publishing skills 15 4
How to conduct a reference interview 14 3
Instructional design 11 6
Media design/creation 11 1
Media editing 9 1
Editorial skills 6 1
Other knowledge, skills, and abilities 10 6
If you selected “Other knowledge, skills, and abilities,” please briefly describe the knowledge, skill,
and/or ability. N=10
Need N=4
Communication skills, public speaking, etc.
Familiarity with the benefits of ACC/OER and ability to communicate about concerns associated with
commercial, proprietary, online course content
I would add familiarity with the course e-reserve system that is embedded in the learning
management system.
Presentation skills. Effective communication skills. Imagination. Openness to constant change and the
ability to cope with it. Deep interest in the concept of affordable/open. Caring about social justice issues
in education. Comfortable with going outside the library to engage all sorts of people and groups.
Need and Most Important N=6
Appropriate/approved use of state funds
Familiarity with the wealth of supportive resources for faculty on campus: what is offered by
the faculty development center, university press, bookstore, instructional design units, scholarly
communications officer, etc.
Graphic design
How to work well with others, how to manage a team effort, flexibility, adaptability
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