36 Survey Results: Survey Questions and Responses
ScholarSpace Manager
User Engagement Librarian
Subject Librarian
Three Positions Reported N=5
Assistant deans
Subject librarians
Acquisitions coordinator
Director Copyright and Scholarly Communications
Multimedia Project Manager
Librarian (various)
Director of Digital Scholarship
Senior Associate Dean
Academic Liaisons
Scholarly Communications Librarian
Subject Specialist Librarian
Instructional Technologist
Scholarly Communications Officer
Director -Center for Instructional Technology
Academic Technology Consultants
Four Positions Reported N=10
Assistant Interlibrary Loan Librarian
Head of Circulation
Reference Librarian
Head of Systems
AUL Undergraduate &Distance Learning
Head of Liaison &Instruction Services
Digital Scholarship Librarian
Librarian/Bibliographer III
Collections and Scholarly Communications Librarian
Digital Projects Librarian
Social Sciences Librarian
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