23 SPEC Kit 351: Affordable Course Content and Open Educational Resources
Average grant amount: Number of grants distributed
to date:
Amount of grants distributed
to date:
$1,500 None
$2,950 $67,900
$4,466 $67,000
$5,000 $5,000
$10,,000 5
$15,,800 2
new as of spring 2016 $3,000–$5,000 annually
unsure ~25
unsure unsure
varies n/a
Comments N=18
Anticipated OTN grants will encourage faculty to write reviews of OER textbooks/course materials.
At one point, there was some limited provost support for faculty creating open course content, but that
was suspended due to a number of reasons. Potential for that being reinstated in the future.
First incentives will be awarded in summer 2016.
Funding and grants tied to open course development, jump-start grants to fuel teaching innovation,
and other projects. None are explicitly promoted as solely OER.
Grant project to launch in summer 2016 expected grants to average between $1K and $5K.
Grants are divided into two parts. Participants receive $500 after completing immersion training and
$500 after implementation and assessment has been completed.
Our provost is not a fan of course release time because we need our faculty in the classroom the
preference here is to offer faculty stipends for added responsibility. We are recommending stipends for
faculty who will be selected as OER advocates and will be tasked for encouraging other faculty to think
first about affordability and learning quality when selecting curricular learning content.
President’s initiative provides $12,000 for pilot program. TBD how many grants this will fund and the
amount of each grant.
The faculty grants are part of larger programs from our Teaching and Learning with Technology and
Center for Online Innovations in Learning units. OER adoption is one option to get funded.
The initiatives are not organized in a way that allows this determination. The range is likely ~2,000 to
These 20+ projects were funded in 2015 and were primarily focused on the development of open
educational resources/textbooks for courses. Projects at a range of post-secondary institutions in
Alberta were funded, including two at the University of Alberta. There is currently a call for grant
applications for two additional programs: one for peer reviewers of OERS and the other for OER
creation/adopt and internal capacity building.
This amount will be raised to $500 during the next round. We have only implemented one round
to date.
Three types of grants: $12,000, three grants awarded $7,500, three grants awarded $1,000, nine
grants awarded.
Two other projects at $5,000 have been approved and are awaiting implementation.
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