16 Survey Results: Survey Questions and Responses
Entity Participant
Leads governing body
Faculty development center 7 0
University press 3 0
University system-level administration or unit 1 0
Local or regional consortium 0 0
Other entity 5 1
Total Responses 35 28
If you selected “other entity,” please specify that entity. N=5
Alberta Innovation and Advanced Education, Government of Alberta
Emory Center for Digital Scholarship
Registrar, university, information technology, faculty advisory committee to university
information technology
Special unit that collaborates with faculty, library, and others on an ad hoc basis. Not a governing body
in any sense, but interacts with university administration and school administrations as needed.
We also have participants from the Disability Resources for Students.
Additional Comments N=2
Group is not representative self organized and collaborative across campuses.
TBD—this does not yet exist.
6. What is the role of the governing body? Check all that apply. N=36
Promote ACC adoption and/or OER adoption, adaptation, and/or creation practices 29 81%
Implement the initiative 25 69%
Provide priorities and guidance for the initiative 23 64%
Assess organizational needs 18 50%
Advocate for policies that encourage/enable OER adoption, adaptation, and/or creation 16 44%
Advocate for policies that encourage/enable ACC adoption 15 42%
Other role 10 28%
Please briefly describe the other role. N=10
Assess success of OER adoption, provide training about copyright and OERs, and develop other
educational opportunities about OERs.
Develop policies that require faculty to provide timely and accurate information about curricular
learning content to the registrar so that information is available when students register for courses.
Engagement: facilitating broad campus participation and involvement of faculty, staff, and students
Examining vendors offering OER solutions.
Identify potential faculty. Administer the grant program.
Our plans call for the committee (i.e., the governing body) to provide priorities and guidance for
the initiative implement the initiative advocate for policies that encourage/enable OER adoption,
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