34 Survey Results: Survey Questions and Responses
global health, nursing, archeology, and other areas. Librarians have also provided help to faculty
developing MOOCs.
25. What departments within the library contribute staffing to these activities/services? Check all
that apply. N=41
Scholarly Communications 34 83%
Library Liaisons 30 73%
Public Service/Reference 22 54%
Teaching &Learning 20 49%
Administration 19 46%
Collections &Technical Services 17 42%
University Press 5 12%
Other department 12 29%
Please specify the other department. N=12
Copyright Office (2 responses)
Data and Technology
Digital Library Initiatives
Emory Center for Digital Scholarship
Interlibrary Loan
Library Systems Department
Marketing department and IT services
Note: University press not part of libraries but provides platform and other OA/OER support.
Teaching and Learning isn’t a department that we have it’s part of our Collections, Research, and
Instruction department and our New Media Center.
We are supplying MARC records and repository records for the Open Textbook Network.
26. How many library staff are involved in supporting these activities/services? N=33
Minimum Maximum Mean Median Std Dev N
1 25 9.21 6.00 6.86 29
Comments N=18
10 plus, but none full time really
2 (1 FTE +portions of other personnel equaling a second FTE)
20+ (if you include reference staff and liaisons who are able to help/answer questions relating to OER
and finding OER)
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