22 Survey Results: Survey Questions and Responses
Promise of help with lowering student cost, i.e., assistance with finding copyright compliant material,
and funding for the purchase of transactional licenses for content that exceeds fair dealing.
Technical help, for example, support for producing e-books.
The creation and support of a specialized team that might include central or collegiate academic
technology, Center for Educational Innovation, and Libraries support.
The faculty development center on campus offers both grants and instructional design assistance for
faculty who wish to redesign their courses. While not focused on ACC/OER, these are an opportunity
to introduce the concept and assess faculty interest. The library representatives on the OER working
group connect faculty with subject librarians who can help them find OER/ACC and answer or refer
questions re Creative Commons licensing and copyright. The university press has recently hired a
position to assess needs and develop services for faculty interested in creating lower-cost and open
journals and texts.
We recently joined the Open Textbook Network and we will offer incentives for faculty to attend a
workshop on adopting open textbooks.
Working with Open Textbook Network at first. Gave incentives for faculty to review materials (for OTN
catalog) and attend workshop—will probably do more. Had good speakers in on this subject.
12. If faculty are provided course release time, is this available university wide or only in select
departments? N=7
University wide 5 71%
Select departments 2 29%
If only in select departments, please identify the departments. N=2
This is negotiated by individual faculty on a case-by-case basis.
We do not have any generally available incentives, but we are aware of one example of a department
giving course release time to support the creation of an online textbook.
13. If faculty incentives include grants, what is the average grant amount and how much money has
been distributed since the initiative started? N=22
Average grant amount: Number of grants distributed
to date:
Amount of grants distributed
to date:
$200 4
$250 about 40
$450 0
$500 0
$750 $750
$1,000 $8,500
$1,000 $45,000
$1,000 $30,000
$1,082 67
$1,135 $42,000
$1,200 18
$1,250 37
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