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20 Budget was reduced and some items were centralized to library system.
22 Emphasis on one-time purchases from miscellaneous funds.
24.a Bibliographic records for several Hein databases purchased.
25 Budget reduced in 2010-2011 based on major equipment purchase in 2009-2010.
26 Change in budgeting.
27.a Filled vacancies.
27.c Student budget was reduced.
30 Credit course has eight sections with ten sessions each.
31 Each student in credit course counted once per instructions. Correct figure for 2009-2010 should be 195 students.
32 Count is based on actual stats better recording system than in 2009-2010.
34 Number includes patron self-renewals not previously included.
35 Library resumed program that was drastically reduced in 2009-2010.
36 Library collection includes better selection of materials to meet patron needs.
2, 37-43 Reported in Main for all UVa libraries.
3 Decrease due to fewer e-book purchases in 2010-2011.
Law Library statistics are included in Main Library for questions 37-43.
1.a Volumes held June 30, 2010 revised to 463,321. Volumes held June 30, 2010 amended as directed per the 2010-2011 instructions.
Books added via tape load: Cassidy Cataloging Wolters Kluwer Loisaw E-Treatises Cassidy Cataloging Wolters Kluwer
Intelliconnect records for all titles included in the Legal Professional School Internet Library, Business Compliance Academic
Collection, and OmniTax Academic Collection Cassidy Cataloging updates to previously added collections.
16.b This doubling in Serials expenditure is offset by a comparable decrease in expenditure in 16c. Other library materials.
18 Includes fringe benefits of $317,014.
18.a-18.c Includes fringe benefits.
24.b $20,512 reported in 2009-2010 appears to be in error and should have been recorded as zero.
37-43 Included in the numbers for the Main library.
All figures are as of 04/30/2011.
16-26 Expenditures as reported in Canadian dollars: (16a) $171,976 (16b) $873,941 (16c) $0 (16d) $0 (16) $1,045,917 (17) $13,345 (18a)
$228,503 (18b) $199,670 (18c) $9,300 (18) $437,473 (20) $0 (21) $1,496,735 (22) $0 (23) $80,477 (24a) $0 (24b) $0 (25) $0 (26) $0.
20 Included in operating expenditures total for all Western Libraries.
24.a, 25-26 Centrally funded and administered at Western Libraries.
35-36 Central service handles all interlibrary loans at Western Libraries.
The Law Library is unable to get a separate count of electronic resources, especially serials, from the campus libraries total.
Rather than report incomplete and misleading figures they have chosen to answer UA/NA to Questions 1-4
7 This is the number of volume equivalents.
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