62 · ARL Academic Law Library Statistics 2010–2011
1 Includes 75,448 e-books. Does not include electronic serials.
3 Includes 17,275 e-books.
33 Not kept separately.
34 Includes reserves.
1.a, 3 Volumes held June 30, 2010 revised to 166,737 due to the purchase &cataloging of 10,068 bundled e-monographs (owned) from
Making of Modern Laws: Legal Treatises, 1800-1920 in 2010-2011.
2, 3, 16.a Increase due to bundled e-monograph purchases (owned): Purchase &cataloging of 10,068 e-monographs in 2010-2011 (Making
of Modern Laws: Trials, 1600-1926), and the purchase &cataloging of 21,800 e-monographs in 2007-2008 (Making of Modern
Laws: Legal Treatises, 1800-1920), which were included in the 2007-2008 volume counts but erroneously omitted from title count
and not yet reported.
5.a.i Online subscription databases have enhanced their title holdings.
5.a.ii Decrease due to adjustment in calculation method to reflect accurate current purchases.
43 The part-time enrollment has dropped because the Law College no longer admits to an evening (part-time) program.
2 Unique title count for Main ARL statistics comes from the shared ILS and includes all Twin Cities libraries. Separate attribution
of titles to branch libraries is not available.
5, 5.a, 5.b Electronic access is for whole Twin Cities campus, so cannot break down title count by location.
12-14 Breakdown by media type not available. Total count all types is 2,514.
3 Increased focus on monographic purchases through revised profile in package plan.
16.a Adjusted monographic package plan and profile from 2009-2010.
22 Opportunity for a one-time purchase that was not available last year.
23 Adjustment to allow for one-time purchase of one-time resource purchases.
All figures are as of 04/30/2011.
At the request of the Quebec government, the fiscal year at the University of Montreal will start on May 1 and ends April 30. As a
result, data from the libraries of the University of Montreal for 2010-2011 are spread over eleven months rather than twelve.
5.a.i An error occurred in 2009-2010. The figure should have been 2,639 instead of 4,001.
16-26 Expenditures as reported in Canadian dollars: (16a) $108,493 (16b) $539,401 (16c) $0 (16d) $0 (16) $647,894 (17) $4,986 (18a)
$367,252 (18b) $303,378 (18c) $0 (18) $670,630 (20) $7,694 (21) $1,331,204 (22) $22,809 (23) $213,515 (24a) $0 (24b) $0 (25) $0 (26) $0.
1.a Volumes held June 30, 2010 revised to 427,851.
1.b In 2010-2011 statistics are more accurate than in the past -this accuracy accounts for the drastic increase.
1.b.i The inability to gather this statistic in previous years accounts for the drastic increase seen in 2010-2011.
1.b.ii The amount of volumes withdrawn in 2009-2010 was uncharacteristically high however, the amount withdrawn in 2010-2011 is
more representative of a typical year.
3 Monograph monies are being diverted to serials. We expect to see this trend continue.
5 Overall, more money was devoted to serials from previous years.
5.a.ii More monies are being devoted to serials in 2010-2011.
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