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INDIANA, cont.
1.b.ii A large number of volumes were withdrawn in 2010-2011 due to a reduction in library space.
2 More accurate count of titles in the upcoming 2011-2012 survey.
3 Additional e-books purchased.
5.b.ii Correction.
16 Increase in materials budget.
16.a Fewer monographs purchased; other formats purchased.
16.c Increase in nonprint formats purchased.
17 Purchasing fewer books and print periodicals; thus, binding less.
18.c Fewer student hours hired.
20 Increase in operating budget.
22 Purchased additional databases and e-books.
24.a Increase in cataloging costs.
27.c Fewer students hired.
33-34 Better circulation data.
35 More requests sent to the library, perhaps via WorldCat Local.
36 WorldCat Local may have increased ease of identifying materials available from other libraries.
3 This is an estimate.
16 This includes $128,328 of unexpended salary funds available only in 2010-2011 that were spent in 2010-2011 for materials.
18 Includes fringe benefits.
18.a Does not include Associate Dean salary or wages. Includes fringe benefits.
18.b-18.c Includes fringe benefits.
1.b In 2009-2010 we purchased a number of new serial titles with high volume counts; several new sets of state statutes. In 2010-2011
our new serial titles had much lower volume counts. In 2009-2010 we had 14 new serial titles with a volume count of 368. In 2010-
2011 we had 23 new serial titles with a volume count of 50.
5, 5.a, 5.a.i Increase over 2009-2010 due to purchase of additional electronic serials (BNA Premiere, HeinOnline Bar Journals collection,
HeinOnline Kluwer law journals collection).
17 2010-2011 increase due to bindery budget rebound.
18.a 2010-2011 decrease due to Associate Director transition.
18.c Decrease in student assistant expense in 2010-2011 due to desk coverage by library staff.
20 Increase in 2010-2011 expenditures due to copiers and other miscellaneous expenses.
22 2010-2011 increase in expenditures due to purchase of Making of Modern Law Primary Sources II & Digital Archive Collection.
24.b 2010-2011 increase due to Cassidy cataloging and BCR expenditures.
26 2009-2010 was high in comparison to 2010-2011 due to lost book.
27.a 2010-2011 lower due to Associate Director transition.
36 2010-2011 lower due to less demand for the service.
1.a Volumes held June 30, 2010 revised to 463,806.
1.b.i Includes ProQuest Congressional Hearings (retrospective).
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