96 · ARL Statistics 2012–2013
16 This is a question we are investigating ourselves. We think a number of factors have contributed,
including new system for tracking statistics, new web site with new branding of services, new instant
messaging platform, a dramatic increase in student quality, and perhaps this is part of larger trend.
19 Our Swets statistics aggregation service is starting to report results from a core set of vendors. This
number is much more realistic than in previous years, but still does not reflect a complete total of activity.
20 No Federated Search Engine currently in use at KSUL.
Library branches included: Agricultural Information Center, Design Library, Education Library,
Engineering Library, Equine Library, Fine Arts Library, Kentucky Transportation Center Library, Law
Library, Medical Center Library, Science Library, and Special Collections Library.
10 Includes: retirement, health insurance, life insurance, and misc. fringe benefits (FICA and Social Security).
18, 19 Main library total also includes the Medical Center Library.
19 Total for regular searches was de-duplicated in 2012–2013, but not in 2011–2012.
Library branches included: This report (“Main Library”) includes statistics for Special Collections, which
is a branch library. Statistics for the Veterinary Medicine Library and the LSU Law Library, which are on
the same campus with the LSU Libraries (“Main Library”) but are administered separately, are reported
on the Health Sciences Library form and the Law Library form, respectively.
1 Last year’s figures were erroneously low, due to an error in the title report that was run.
7.c Detailed breakdown is not available.
8 Variance caused by vacancies due to retirements, which have not yet been filled.
12 Last year, this figure erroneously included the Libraries’ membership fee for the LOUIS consortium,
which is part of the Libraries’ budget rather than being from external sources. This year, only support
received via the consortium from the Board of Regents is included.
15 This figure includes attendees at outreach presentations that were not previously included in the count. In
addition to this, we have substantially increased the number of presentations made, in order to improve
19 This number has increased because of implementation of a discovery service and a better understanding
of COUNTER reports.
20 This number reflects resources within a discovery service.
6–9, 10,
Expenditures as reported in Canadian dollars—Collections Expenditures: (7a) $4,507,906; (7b) $7,552,273;
(7c) $628,447; (7) $12,688,626; Salary Expenditures: (8a) $4,557,442; (8b) $6,168,694; (8c) $26,880; (8) $10,753,016;
(10) $3,067,804; Overall Expenditures: (7) $12,688,626; (8) $10,753,016; (9) $897,608; (6) $24,339,250; (12) NA/
UA. NOTE: Total Salaries and Wages (Q8) EXCLUDES Fringe Benefits Expenditures (Q10).
Library branches included: Archives & Special Collections, Art, Health Sciences, Main, and Music.
Budget, collections, personnel and circulation data from the Law Library are included with the figures
on the “Main” library survey; however, ILL, reference, and instruction data from the Law Library are not
included in the figures reported on the “Main” library survey.”
2 Figure is lower than last year’s volume count. Difference probably due to new person gathering and
inputting data.
7.c This year’s figure includes OCLC which has previously been entered under other operating expenses.
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