104 · ARL Statistics 2012–2013
19 Decrease due to Summon discovery service, changes in portfolio, and availability of vendor supplied
data. FY12 figure revised to 4,614,980.
21 Decrease due to movement of 1.5 million items among libraries over 6 months, which curtailed lending.
All figures are as of 08/31/2013.
Library branches included: Northwestern Qatar.
4 Main Library added new databases of analytic titles that were discoverable in the online catalog as
9 More third party services were engaged to support operations, and more outreach expenditures and
public relations funds were expended.
14.a, 15.a,
Most groups (75%) reported from firm number counts.
16 Though this number is up, LibGuides and bibliographic instruction sessions may help with more self-help
reference answers.
17 Physical item circulations stats are down due to more online resources available.
18, 19 Lower count this year due to finding an error in raw data gathering last year. This year’s number is more
in line with the statistics reported 2 years ago. This total is for Main, Law, and Health Sciences.
20 This total is for Main, Law, and Health Sciences.
21 Due to launch of new borrowing software among the CIC schools, more lending was enabled.
23 The increase from last year’s 445 may be due to new doctoral programs yielding first graduates combined
with a natural ebb and flow of students finishing their degrees.
26 This total is for Main, Law, and Health Sciences.
27–29 There was a shift from full time to part time studies perhaps for economic reasons. This total is for Main,
Law, and Health Sciences.
Library branches included: The Theodore M. Hesburgh Library (Main Library) (library.nd.edu) also
includes the Center for Digital Scholarship, Medieval Institute Library (library.nd.edu/medieval), and
Rare Books and Special Collections (rarebooks.library.nd.edu). BRANCH LIBRARIES of the Hesburgh
Libraries include eight other libraries on campus: Architecture Library (library.nd.edu/architecture),
Mahaffey Business Library (library.nd.edu/business), Chemistry-Physics Library (library.nd.edu/
chemistry, library.nd.edu/physics), Engineering Library (library.nd.edu/engineering), Kellogg Kroc
Library (library.nd.edu/kelloggkroc), O’Meara Mathematics Library (library.nd.edu/mathematics),
Radiation Chemistry Reading Room (library.nd.edu/radlab) and Visual Resources Center (library.nd.edu/
vrc). Also included in the statistics for the University of Notre Dame Libraries are the Notre Dame Law
School’s Kresge Law Library (law.nd.edu/library) and University Archives. [Main Library]
Library branches NOT included: International locations such as Notre Dame’s Rome Library have not
been included. [Main Library]
1 The “Titles held” figure of 1,479 represents the number of manuscript collections and University records
series held by the Archives. These collections and series vary in size from one sheet of paper to several
thousand boxes each, and consist, variously, of manuscripts, printed materials (including thousands of
books), ephemera, microfilm, AV items, photographs, digital files, and artifacts. Altogether, our collections
contain over 41,000 linear feet of materials. The definition of “titles” presented in the instructions
obscures rather than illuminates the size and complexity of our holdings. [University Archives]
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