92 · ARL Statistics 2012–2013
7.c A number of new expenses related to collection support were included this year. Items reported
here include ILL expenditures, security items, expenditures related to TRAIL, HathiTrust, SIERRA
- Innovative, SUMMONS, Texas Digital Library, LOCKSS, scanners for digitizing collections and
membership in the Texas Medical Center Library.
9 Increase is in line with overall increase in total library expenditures.
14 The number of presentations increased as focus was placed on targeted groups rather than more general
instruction sessions with higher attendance.
15 Attendance is lower than previous years due to a change of focus for the Libraries’ instruction program.
Fewer general orientation presentations to large groups were offered. Instead, instruction focused more
on high-impact information literacy instruction to smaller groups such as graduate classes, seminar
classes, etc.
16 Reference transactions are not based on sampling so decrease is either a reflection of decreasing number
of questions or of recording errors.
19 Figures were taken from vendor reports. There have been changes to vendor algorithms for collecting
statistical data which may have resulted in increased figures.
Library branches included: Founders Library (Main); its branches—Architecture Library, Business
Library, Divinity Library and Social Work Library; and the special collections housed in the Founders
Moorland Spingarn Research Center, the major special collection, has a significant number of primary
materials that are not yet included in the online catalog; therefore, those data are not represented in this
1 This figure includes the bibliographic records that we added to the Voyager Integrated Library System
when we joined the Washington Research Library Consortium, as well as titles added through shared
acquisitions. The bibliographic records for Howard University’s main library group were identified
through the reclamation project conducted by the staff of the Metadata and Resource Description Services
3 During the year 11,020 volumes were withdrawn from the collection so there was a physical count of
withdrawn volumes. Titles and volumes added were derived from a bibliographic count, however.
4 There was an intentional decision to increase electronic book holdings to support 24/7 access.
6, 7 The new director persuaded the University to increase its support for library and information services.
7.a One-time purchases included microfilm, print monographs, e-books, media, and the Arts * Sciences
Archive collections I-VII from JSTOR.
7.b The new director persuaded the university to increase its support for library and information services.
7.c Collection support includes the Washington Research Library Consortium membership and
memberships with other professional organizations, as well as support services from Proquest, Serials
Solutions, ExLibris, and other similar vendors.
8–8.b The new director persuaded the university to increase its support for library and information services.
8.c Fewer work study students were assigned to the library and fewer students received financial aid awards.
9 Some funds were transferred to the Enterprise Technology Services which expanded its procurement
oversight and implementation.
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