82 · ARL Statistics 2012–2013
18–20 Process for tracking Use of Electronic Resources (following COUNTER definitions) continues to be
21 With the off-site storage of materials last year in preparation for the building renovation, we anticipated a
marked increase not a decrease.
26–29 Numbers per IRO.
Library branches included: Harris Library at the Mandel School of Applied Social Sciences.
7.c Includes Bindery, ILL, Portico, Serials Solutions 360 Resource Manager, Project COUNTER and
memberships for CRL, SPARC, ARL, and OhioNet.
18 Includes: ACM Digital Library, American Chemical Society Journals, American Institute of Physics
Journals, American Physical Society Journals, American Psychological Association Journals, Annual
Reviews, Cambridge University Press Journals, EBSCOhost (Academic Search Complete, Business
Sources Complete, ATLASerials, CINAHL Plus with Full Text, Environment Complete, Medline with
Full Text, etc.), Elsevier Journals, Gale Cengage, IEEE Online, JAMA, JSTOR, Nature, Optical Society of
America Journals, Oxford Journals, Project Muse, Project Euclid, ProQuest, Royal Society of Chemistry,
Science Online, Scientific American, Taylor & Francis, Wiley Journals.
19 Includes: ACM Digital Library, American Chemical Society, American Medical Association, American
Psychological Association, Annual Reviews, Compendex, Lexis Nexis, EBSCOhost databases, Elsevier
Science Direct, Gale Cengage, Highwire, IEEE, Ingenta, JSTOR, Nature, ProQuest databases, Optical
Society of America, Royal Society of Chemistry.
14 Current year increase due to more consistent reporting and an increase in tours of the new Joe and Rika
Mansueto Library.
15 Current year increase mostly due to (1) tours offered of the new Joe and Rika Mansueto Library and (2)
participants in some multi-session classes are counted every session.
18 Number of successful full-text article requests 2011–2012 revised to 7,610,740. Previous year revision due to
SFX undercounting. Current year change due to increased access via our discovery service.
19 Number of regular full text article requests 2011–2012 revised to 3,216,083. Previous year revision due
to reporting sessions rather than searches. Current year potentially includes some number of federated
searches that could not be identified by current software or vendors.
20 Number of federated searches 2011–2012 revised to 17,361,344. Previous year revision due to separating
out non-federated searches after reporting. Current year increase reflects increased number of databases
included in EDS.
22 Current year increase in borrowing largely due to implementation and promotion of consortial
Library branches included: Overall survey statistics include all University of Cincinnati Libraries
including the main library, health sciences library, law library, eight college and departmental libraries
(Archives and Rare Books; Chemistry-Biology; Classics; Design, Architecture, Art and Planning;
Education, Criminal Justice and Human Services; Engineering and Applied Science; Geology-
Mathematics-Physics; and Music), and two regional campus libraries (Clermont College and Blue Ash
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