Footnotes · 91
10 Harvard’s fringe benefit assessments cover payroll taxes and employee benefits, including (but not limited
to) health and dental coverage, retirement contributions, life and disability coverages. Harvard has
different rates for faculty, professional, support, and temporary staff. The rate provided is the professional
staff rate.
11 Harvard has different fringe rates for the faculty, professional (exempt), support (nonexempt), and
temporary staff. The rate provided is the rate for professional staff.
13.c FTE figure is not available for student and temporary staff.
17 Circulation figures include traditional circulation numbers (excluding reserves) and Scan & Deliver
service transactions.
18–20 Data not available for FY13.
21, 22 Materials lent through traditional ILL services (e.g., OCLC Resource Sharing) and Borrow Direct.
24 Prior year data was incorrect. Restated to 83.
26 Prior year corrected to 19,921 to agree to Fall 2011 IPEDS survey.
27 Prior year corrected to 7,471 to agree to Fall 2011 IPEDS survey.
28 Prior year corrected to 12,714 to agree to Fall 2011 IPEDS survey.
29 Prior year corrected to 4,373 to agree to Fall 2011 IPEDS survey.
Library branches included: University of Hawaii at Manoa Library.
7 Collection expenditures reflect expenditures for resources that are accessible by the John A. Burns School
of Medicine Health Sciences Library and William S. Richardson School of Law Library.
7.a The library received additional one-time funds in FY 2013.
8.a Positions left unfilled due to budget exigencies.
9 Library purchased a discovery layer.
11 44.91% for professional & support; 0.46% for students
12 Payment schedule altered.
13.b Positions filled following a hiring freeze.
14 Increased outreach to undergraduate/first-year courses.
16, 17, 21 Renovation decreased access to some collections and service desks.
19, 20 The Library acquired a discovery layer.
All figures are as of 08/31/2013.
Library branches included: Architecture and Art Library, Music Library, and Weston Pettey Optometry
4 The UH Libraries has increased the number of electronic books available.
7 Additional expenditures reported in item 7a contributed to this increase.
7.a One-time purchases (7a) is showing a reasonable increase as a result of the library’s push to spend down
all carry forward amounts.
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