80 · ARL Statistics 2012–2013
10 Fringe benefits include all employees benefits to include life, vision, dental and health insurance.
11 We use a composite benefit rate for our benefit expense; our librarians were charged at a rate of 15.9% of
salary whereas the staff were charged at a rate of 38%.
13 Our staff count decreased by 11 FTE; 8 professionals, 1 support, and an equivalent of 2 students.
16 A drop in reference is partially due to the closure of the Undergrad Lib reference desk.
17 Circs of Berkeley material from NRLF that can’t be parsed were included.
Library branches included: Main Library: Shields Library and Physical Sciences & Engineering Library;
Health Sciences: Carlson Health Sciences Library and Blaisdell Medical Library, and Law.
1 Titles Held were reported as Volumes Held in 2011/12. They were correctly reported for 2012/13.
7.c Collection Support Expenditures are included with Other Operating Expenditures for 2012/13. They were
incorrectly reported under 7c in 2011/12.
11 This percentage was not reported for Main and Health Sciences for 2011/12.
16 Virtual reference transactions for Main and Health Sciences were double counted in 2011/12. The total
for all libraries in 2011/12 should have been 68,895 which would make the variance between 2011/12 and
2012/13 only -7% not the -19% currently reflected.
17 Circulation transactions for Main and Health Sciences in 2011/12 were over counted by 14,847. The total
for all libraries for 2011/12 should have been 150,112 which would make the variance between 2011/12 and
2012/13 only -13% not the -21% currently reflected.
Library branches included: Health Sciences, Law.
23 Professional practice degrees included (excluded in prior years).
25 Starting in 2012, campus adjusted definitions to exclude adjuncts, visiting professors, etc.
26–29 Definitions adjusted to match standard campus reports.
10, 11 UCLA employee benefit expenditures are recorded by the UCLA payroll system at the individual
employee level, based on each employee’s eligibility for benefits and other criteria that may impact the
cost of one or more components of the employee benefit expense. Year to year increase in employee benefit
expenditures is driven principally by the UC Regents mandated increase in the employer contributions to
the UC retirement plan.
11 UCLA does not use official employee benefit rates for recording employee benefit expenditures.
13 Estimated percentage of total UCLA Library staff funded by major fund group: Core: 77%; Non-core
totals: 33% broken down as follows: Student Fee: 9%, Contract and Grant: 5%, Gift and Endowment: 4%,
and Sales and Service: 5%.
10 This figure includes the following: Employer contributions to OASDI, Medicare, Workers Compensation
Insurance, Employee Support Program, Unemployment Insurance, UC Retirement Plan, Vacation
Assessment, Staff Recognition Program, Other Post Employment Benefit, Health Insurance, Life
Insurance, UC Paid Disability, Dental and Vision Plan Premiums, Senior Management Supplement, etc.
25 821.62 FTE
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