84 · ARL Statistics 2012–2013
4 18,937 Safari books online. OCU
77 Sage eReference. OCU
874 ScienceDirect eBook Series. OCU
8 SOLR (Sharpe online reference). OCU
167 SPIE digital library. SPIE eBooks. OCU
33,712 Springer ebooks. OCU
2,889 University of Adelaide Library eBooks. OCU
21 W.B. Yeats collection (Online). OCU
1,239 Wiley InterScience ebooks. OCU
1,169 Women and social movements in the United States 1600-2000. OCU
7,642 World Bank e-book. OCU
11 Fringe benefits rates are dependent upon staff categories according to the following: Faculty - 32.7%,
Administrative & Professional Staff - 40.6%, Support Staff - 55.0%, Students - 7.0%.
12 The largest part of the number reported here includes the dollar amount provided on our behalf by our
statewide consortium OhioLINK. This number increased by a large percentage for 2012–2013 in part
because OhioLINK reviewed what had been counted in the past and agreed that they had not been
including everything that should have been counted. Reporting of this number in the future should be
consistent with 2012–2013 figures.
19 The number of regular searches decreased by a large percentage compared with 2011–2012. Searches
in some of our major databases decreased by a large amount, but searches in our discovery service,
Summon, increased. We think that the use of our discovery service increased efficiency of users’
searching as evidenced by the fact that the number of full-text article requests in #18 showed a slight
increase over 2011–2012.
20 As we have moved to a discovery service, the options for federated searching have been greatly reduced,
so we had a large drop in federated searches compared with 2011–12.
Library branches included: Main; Business; Engineering, Math, Physics; Earth Science/Maps; Music.
13.a, 13.b
11 support staff have transferred to professional positions during FY13.
9 Since we are better staffed with IT employees, we purchased more computer supplies and equipment. We
also purchased furniture because we completed major remodeling.
19 This number is higher than last year’s number due to an incorrect reporting of the searches in ISI Web of
Knowledge for FY12.
20 This number is lower than last year’s number due to issues with our discovery layer’s server in 2012.
8 Total amount changed little. Some larger variations in questions a, b, c due to realignment of positions.
11 Percentage for professional staff only.
13 Incorrect amount of student FTE last year has thrown off this value too.
13.c Mathematical error last year. Corrected this year.
18 Includes JR1A (archive content).
19 Includes JR4 and PR1 (platform searches).
20 Includes Metalib.
23 Jump in number due to counting of number of Professional Veterinary Medicine degrees awarded that
we had not added in the past. Total PVM was 140 in case you prefer to use just the PhD number.
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