76 · ARL Statistics 2012–2013
8.a Includes vacant positions.
8.b Includes Position Analysis and retention increases, new hires, and short-term employees for gift projects.
8.c Minimum wage increase and additional student hires to move collections. Students worked more hours
because we had them work on special projects and we needed more student coverage.
9 Increased expenditures for supplies for grants and gift accounts. Had a flooring project and a book
discard project this fiscal year.
11 FY12 figure revised down to 39.
13.a Lines were re-allocated for other uses, includes one grant account employee.
14 Have been promoting librarian presentations to law professors assigning research papers.
18 More journals available for full-text article requests.
20 Fewer databases available for federated searches.
27 The increase is due primarily to an increase in part-time first-time freshmen. Freshmen with academic
deficiencies that had shown to put them at risk in their first semester of college were limited in what they
could take.
All figures are as of 09/30/2013.
Library branches included: Library branches are Library of Architecture, Design, and Construction and
the Charles Cary Veterinary Medical Library.
7.a Includes a $100,000 purchase of a Civil War collection where we raised extra funds just for that purpose.
7.c Increase in copyright fees for Document Delivery.
8.b Decrease in the number of staff positions.
9 Fewer special projects were undertaken this year.
12 State decreased support for some shared resources.
13.c Error in 2012 numbers—reported 18 FTE but should have been 25 FTE.
14 A renewed effort to reach first year seminar classes resulted in more than twice the number of offerings
for that clientele. In addition, two new librarian hires garnered additional presentations.
16 Error in 2012 stats, should have been 43,108 (directional questions were inadvertently counted).
Additionally, new data gathering methods employed beginning 2012. We are still examining and
attempting to standardize those methods.
17 We have begun purchasing more electronic books this year, which accelerates the drop in circulation
we’ve experienced over the last few years.
18 Error in 2012 numbers—should have been 1,123,439.
21 Large increase in requests provided through RAPID.
Library branches included: Law, Health Sciences, and Special Collections.
2 The decrease in the number of volumes held reflects an ongoing print weeding project to allow
repurposing of library space. Also, Boston University changed integrated library systems in November,
2012. This change might have involved a difference in how counts are derived.
7.c Mugar (Main): OCLC First Search - $25,192; Contract Binding: $63,541; In house binding: $5,398; ILL
Delivery: $16,516; Memberships: $72,133.
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