112 · ARL Statistics 2012–2013
RICE cont.
13.c Decrease due to cut in funds available for student workers and hiring more work/study students.
14, 15 Gave smaller number of presentations to larger groups.
21 Increase due to rise in demand from other libraries.
Library branches included: Includes the Eastman School of Music Sibley Library.
3 383,129 print volumes based on physical count.
4 Springer e-book collections and 4 Gale products account for the increase in the number of e-books.
7.a Increased one-time resource purchases such online journal backfiles, Springer e-book collections, and
Gale resources.
7.c Reflects expenses for document delivery and commercial binding. Commercial binding continues to
10 Does not include Rush Rhees Library Special Collections. Fringe benefits include FICA, medical,
unemployment, extended sick pay, disability, life insurance, retirement, workers’ comp., and tuition
11 Rates have increased. Official designated percent for professional staff is 31.46%. Official designated
percent for support staff is 37.16%.
14 There has been an increase in the number of writing classes, citation workshops and subject specific
14.a Count of 125 presentations based on sampling.
15.a Count of 2,600 participants based on sampling.
16 Previous year’s count needs to be adjusted downward by 17,000.
16.a Count of 7,402 transactions not based on sampling.
18 Includes Medical Center, Edward G. Miner Library journals. Full text article requests from journals
subscribed to or provided by Ebsco, BMJ, MA LIebert, Ovid, ACS, Cambridge, Highwire, IEEE, IOP,
JSTOR, OUP, Project Muse, Sage, ScienceDirect, Springer, and Wiley.
19 Represents Proquest, EBSCOhost, Gale Cengage, and Web of Knowledge.
23–25 We had to reassess several definitions because of changes to IPEDS and our systems; consequently
doctoral counts went up.
Library branches included: Summary includes Newark Law Library, Camden Law Library, services to a
non-Rutgers medical school, and campuses in Camden, Newark, and New Brunswick.
6 Increase due to increase in library materials expenditures (several large year-end purchases were made
to bring our collections in line with the CIC), salaries and wages (grant funding included), and other
operating expenditures (grants included).
7 Increase due to increase in one-time resource purchases; several large year-end purchases were made to
bring our collections in line with the CIC.
7.a Several large year-end purchases were made to bring our collections in line with the CIC.
7.c Includes $78,755.84 for shipping costs and $13,379.11 for binding costs.
8.a, 8.b Multiple vacancies. Grant funding included.
8.c Increase in hourly wages due to staff vacancies and inclusion of grant funding.
9 Grants included.
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