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NEW YORK cont.
11 Editor’s Note: Published figure reflects the official designated percent for the Medical and Dental
Libraries, as this is the maximum value entered for this question.
18 Data from Counter Report JR1. All resources are shared and accessible by all users, campus wide. This
includes WSQ, AD, SH, Law, Medical/Dental.
19 Data from Counter Reports DB1 and BR6. This includes WSQ, AD, SH, Law, Medical/Dental.
20 Data from Counter Report DB1. This includes WSQ, AD, SH, Law, Medical/Dental. Difference from
previous year due to changes in e-resources services. Federated search mechanisms are now being used.
23–29 Variance with previous year due to Law statistics. Law numbers were included in FY12 survey but are
reported separately in the Law Library ARL submission in FY13. FY13 statistics only include Libraries
WSQ, and AD.
Library branches included: Davis Main, Undergraduate Library, Wilson Special Collections Library,
Music Library, Kenan Science Library, Art Library, School of Information and Library Science Library,
School of Government Library, Marine Science Library, Stone Center Library, Carolina Digital Library and
Archives, Law Library, Health Sciences Library.
1 Total listed includes only titles in book format.
7, 7.a, 7.c Increase due to receipt of one-time, year-end funding for additional materials purchases.
9 Increase due to additional funds spent on facilities refurbishment.
11 Official designated percent of 22.04% + fixed health insurance of $5,192.
18, 19 Total listed represents usage from Jan.–Dec. 2012.
20 Previous year’s count represented tracking only from Oct. 2011 through end of FY.
Library branches included: Main campus libraries D.H. Hill and James B. Hunt Jr. (opened 1/02/13),
Design, Natural Resources, Textiles (closed 12/31/12), Veterinary Medicine, African-American Cultural
Center Reading Room, and College of Education Media and Educational Technology, and Research
1, 4 Purchase of an e-book collection of 18th century items.
6 Increase related to operating an additional main library.
7.c Includes bibliographic utilities, document delivery, association memberships, storage, and binding
expenditures. FY12 figure revised to $1,101,844.
8.c, 9, 13.c Increase due to operating an additional main library.
10 Faculty/Staff fringe benefits rate is 30%; Graduate assistants 14%; Undergraduates .80%. FY12 figure
revised to $3,374,237.
14 Increase in instructions sessions due to additional graduate student and research workshops, plus
demand for undergraduate instruction following tours and orientation activities.
15 Increase in number of participants corresponds to increase in sessions.
16 The second main library (James B. Hunt Jr) opened on the Centennial Campus on 1/02/13. Its prominent
location drew faculty and students from the colleges of Engineering and Textiles and from the university
at large. Total library-wide gate count increased almost 252,000 for the Spring 2013 semester.
16.a Are in the process of moving to 100% actual count for all libraries. Current methodology is a mixture of
sampling and actual.
18 Due to increase in demand of articles not supported through local subscriptions. FY12 figure revised to
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