102 · ARL Statistics 2012–2013
8.a We currently have 5 vacant positions which has resulted in the decrease in professional salaries.
10 Percentages by level: professional: 28.3%, Managerial Professional staff: 30.6, Office Services staff: 44.6.
Student Assistants are not eligible for fringe benefits.
14 The over 50% difference from FY12 is due to the fact we counted individual consultations in this figure.
We have correctly placed individual consultations in the reference transactions figure for FY13.
16 2,280 virtual, 38,298 traditional and 193 individual consultations.
18 We under reported last year’s number in this category. The actual FY12 total is 1,667,971. This year’s total
is still a major increase from FY12. In addition, the total searches number is down from FY12 but full text
viewing is up.
Library branches included: Zimmerman Library, Fine Arts & Design Library, Parish Library for Business
& Economics, Centennial Science & Engineering Library.
1–2 This total volume count does not include approximately 600–800 thesis and dissertations that have yet to
be added into our system. These cover approximately the last two years. This total does not include any
special collections items that have not been cataloged into our system. This number assumes that all of
our e-books have been cataloged into our system. A separate search of items added within the last year
was performed. The search resulted in 43,477 physical items added. As well, there have been multiple
e-book packages and various other electronic items added. The difference of an additional 89,900 items
within the last year seems accurate. The task of collecting statistics was newly assigned to a different
staff member. There is a possible change in how the two individuals collected the data. The significant
difference between question 1 and question 2 is likely due to this factor.
2 Included in possible differences in methodology, it is possible that the number from last year did not
include government publications (112,646).
4 Included in possible differences in methodology, it is possible that the number from last year included the
DDA e-books not owned by the library, an approximate number of ~10,000 e-books. This number does not
include electronic government publications (112,646).
All figures are as of 8/31/2013.
Library branches included: Washington Square, Abu Dhabi, Shanghai.
1 Increase in Volume and Title count is the result of new method used to obtain statistics. Previous
methodology used holding records as a basis for count; the new methodology derives volume counts
from bibliographic records which is more accurate.
2 Decrease due to an error in counting volumes in previous year. 425,348 web holdings were calculated
twice. Prior year volume count should be 4,069,318 which would make a 2.7% change.
6 Variance with previous year due to increase in library material expenditures, details are provided in the
detailed questions explanations.
7 Variance with previous year due to Abu Dhabi additional materials spending derived from one-time non-
materials budget savings. This does not represent an ongoing increase in budget.
7.c Variance with previous year due to Net borrowing fees (ILL-SHARES) was omitted in prior year data.
8.a, 8.b,
In FY12 Change in methodology of accounting for professional and support staff to exempt, non-exempt
delineation. In FY13, The change in methodology also encompasses FTE counts.
9 Variance with previous year due to finalization of 2 projects, Archive Space, Ann Ronell and Lester
Cowan and the ramp up of AD Digitization project.
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