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20 Iowa State University has moved away from traditional federated search tools (i.e., Metalib) in favor of
the Primo Central Index (from ExLibris). For item #20 we are reporting the number of searches using our
discovery search tool that included the Primo Central Index in the search scope.
Library branches included: MSE Library, Welch, History of Medicine, Friedheim, and SAIS/DC.
1 Numbers not reported for medical library last year.
2 Numbers not reported for this question from medical library last year.
8.b Less support staff than prior year.
23 Less doctoral degrees reported to us than prior year.
27 Less part-time students reported to us than prior year.
Library branches included: Main campus libraries (Lawrence, KS) and Regents Center Library (Overland
Park, KS).
Library branches NOT included: University of Kansas School of Medicine Farha Library in Wichita, KS.
3 Both Physical & Bibliographic.
9 Includes $200k in database access fees not paid in the prior year due to carry forward of prior year
overpayment in FY12.
10 Fringe rate includes employer’s share of Social Security, Workers Compensation Insurance, State and
Federal Unemployment Compensation tax, and retirement contribution. In addition to the annual
percentage, there is a $7,000 employer contribution for employee health insurance.
18 Correction to prior year number of full-text article requests (journals): Was reported as 1,929,815 - should
have been 3,342,214.
19 Correction to prior year’s total for number of regular searches (databases): Was previously reported as
37,323—correct figure should have been 2,402,769.
20 Correction to prior year’s total for number of federated searches (databases): Was previously reported as
22,377—correct figure should have been 1,929,815.
22 This most likely due to our main ILL partners increased licensing of e-journals which reduced their need
to borrow.
23 Last year we only reported PhDs. ARL has changed from PhD to all doctorates, including JD, MD, AUD,
DNP, etc. The restated figure for the prior year should be 585.
29 Enrollment decline.
Library branches included: Performing Arts; Maps; Architecture.
1–2 Last year’s data was miscalculated.
4 We have loaded several large sets like US Hearings Part A (Proquest) and Nineteenth Century Collections
Online (Gale), which resulted in loading hundreds of thousands of records.
9 Technology upgrades including: copiers, printers, and student multi media.
10 Medical, prescription, vision and dental insurance; Dependent life insurance; Voluntary Accidental Death
& Dismemberment Insurance; and Tuition fee waiver.
15 Here we know that we gave been short-staffed for the past year, and we’ve also moved to more tutorial-
based instruction which is difficult to measure.
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