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Library branches included: Main includes Perkins/Bostock Library, Divinity School Library, Ford Library,
Lilly Library, Marine Lab Library, Music Library, Rubenstein Library and University Archives.
Data from the Law and Health Sciences Libraries are included in the figures reported.
1 Number pulled from Endeca.
4 Increase in electronic resource purchases.
10 Includes: medical, dental and vision insurance; retirement plans; pensions.
12 Data not available.
16 Change in platform for reporting reference statistics.
18, 19 Data not available due to personnel changes.
All figures are as of 08/31/2013. [Main Library, Oxford College Library, and Theology Library]
Library branches included: MAIN, Health Sciences, Law, Oxford, Theology, and Special Collections.
[Main Library ].
Questions 1 and 18–20 are reported at the system level in the MAIN library form. Question 4 is reported
for Main, Oxford, and Theology combined, but Health Sciences and Law are reported separately for those
separate publications. [Main Library ]
1 Includes titles for MAIN, Theology, and Oxford. LAW and Health Sciences appear in their report. [Main
Library ]
1 Oxford titles (66,839) included in MAIN library form. [Oxford College Library]
1 Theology titles included in MAIN library form. [Theology Library]
4 Oxford electronic books (313) reported with MAIN. [Oxford College Library]
4 Theology titles included in MAIN library form. [Theology Library]
13 8 professional positions and 12 support staff positions now report to the IT side of a combined Library/IT
organization. Those positions are dedicated to support of library systems and operations and continue to
be reported as library staff. [Main Library ]
17 Previous year’s number included reserves. [Oxford College Library]
18–20 Reported at the system level for all libraries in the MAIN library form. [Main Library, Oxford College
Library, and Theology Library]
Library branches included: Marston Science Library; Library West (Humanities and Social Science);
Architecture and Fine Arts Library (includes Music Library); Education Library.
7.c Traditional collection support shows trend of decreasing because support for print materials collection is
on the decline with shrinking print materials purchasing.
9 Operating expenses increased as a result of new funding for the State University System storage facility,
increased grants funding for UF, and increase in library contributions from other UF departments.
10 2012–2013 fringe rates for faculty, exempt employees, Federal Work Study (FWS) and student assistant
employees decreased during this fiscal year. Faculty decreased by 3.7%, exempt by 0.3% and FWS and
student assistants by 1.4%.
Carry over from previous. Editor’s Note: Published figure reflects the official designated percent for the
Law Library, as this is the maximum value entered for this question.
16 Continued decline in reference transactions reflects trend in this library service.
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