Footnotes · 85
All figures are as of 08/31/2013. [Teachers College]
Columbia data includes The Columbia Center for New Media Teaching and Learning (CCNMTL) and the
Center for Digital Research and Scholarship (CDRS) [Butler]
1 Excludes HathiTrust titles. [Butler]
9 Increase due to large scale outsourced project commissioned in FY13. [Teachers College]
11 The majority of Columbia’s fringe benefits are based upon an official designated percent of 33.7%.
However, the official designated percent for the Teacher’s College Library is 34.7%. [Teachers College]
21, 22 Excludes ILL for Barnard that is handled by Butler office [Barnard]
25 Adjunct faculty was previously included in this number; FY12 should have been 206. [Barnard]
Library branches included: Branch libraries include Avery Point, Stamford, Torrington, Waterbury, and
West Hartford regional campus libraries. Branch libraries also include the Music and Dramatic Arts
Library, the Pharmacy Library, and the University Archives and Special Collections at the main campus
10 Fringe benefits include pension, unemployment compensation, health services, group life insurance,
social security, and medical insurance.
Library branches included: Includes all libraries on the Ithaca, New York City and Geneva NY campuses:
Adelson (ornithology), Africana, Annex, Asia Collections, Engineering (virtual library), Fine Arts,
Hospitality/Labor/Management, Law, Mann (agricultural & life sciences)/Entomology, Mathematics,
Music, Olin/Uris (humanities & social sciences), Physical Sciences (virtual library), Rare & Manuscript
Collections, and Veterinary Libraries in Ithaca; Medical Center Archives and Medical Library in New
York City; and New York agricultural Experiment Station Library in Geneva NY.
Library branches NOT included: Excludes the library at the Weill Cornell Medical College in Qatar.
1 Excludes e-books created through CUL’s collaboration with Google. An estimate of the duplication
between Ithaca/Geneva and NYC was excluded.
2 See the notes for Electronic Books.
4 Excludes e-books created through CUL’s collaboration with Google. Includes some duplication between
packages yet to be determined.
6, 7, 9 Includes $1,354,716 for grants tracked through the Office of Sponsored Programs, and $250,173 in in-year
returns to colleges. Materials expenditures exclude Qatar’s contribution to shared e-resources. Materials
and other operating expenditures include significant one-time expenditures.
7 The requested breakouts cannot be provided.
8.a Includes expenditures for academic and exempt staff.
8.b Includes expenditures for non-academic, non-exempt staff.
10, 11 Unavailable. Benefits for staff in the state-funded units are not paid through the libraries’ budgets except
for staff on sponsored projects; on the private side of the university, rates differ between the Ithaca and
NYC campuses: $5,629,382 in benefit expenditures were reported by Ithaca’s privately funded units; the
official designated percentage was 36%.
13 Excludes any short-term temporary staff and any positions that were temporarily vacant as of June 30,
2013. Includes 11.67 FTE for grant projects tracked through the Office of Sponsored Programs.
13.a Includes academic and exempt staff.
13.b Includes non-academic, non-exempt staff.
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