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HOWARD cont.
10 Howard University provides a comprehensive benefits package including medical, dental and vision
coverage, life insurance, disability benefits, and a retirement savings plan. Employees also have the option
to sign up for commuter benefits, long-term care benefits, group legal services, an Employee Assistance
Program, and purchasing discount programs. The fringe benefit reported here is for staff in the Founders
Library and its branches, but does not include the special collections staff.
11 This figure is an approximation.
12 The ILS was changed from Innovative Innopac, Inc. to Voyager.
13.a, 13.b The new director persuaded the University to increase its support for library and information services.
13.c The University had fewer students on financial aid.
14, 15 Some faculty and TAs provide instruction within the context of their classroom after completing
librarian-led information literacy sessions for faculty at the Center for Excellence in Teaching, Learning,
and Assessment.
17 Students are making greater use of electronic books.
18, 19 Implementation of Serials Solution was slower than anticipated and some statistics were not captured.
Users also experienced access problems when the proxy server was moved to the consortium and there
were authentication challenges.
21–22 The interlibrary loan activity includes requests through consortium loan service office which we activated
in January 2013.
27 University’s recruitment and course offerings impacted part-time enrollment.
Library branches included: Richard J. Daley Library (Main) and Health Sciences Libraries (Chicago,
Peoria, Rockford, and Urbana).
1 Includes e-books for all sites.
4 Includes e-books for all sites launched a patron-driven access pilot program for e-books and
bibliographers increased selections of e-books.
7.c Binding activity continues to decline.
8 There were several retirements at the beginning of FY2012/13. Open positions were evaluated, and
recruitment is underway for staff with different experience and skills.
9 Costs for some large projects were not expensed this fiscal year.
10 This is an estimate; fringe benefits are not paid by the library.
13.c Actual is 23.7.
18, 19 Includes all sites.
20 Includes all sites. Federated search was not fully functional or publicized during this year.
25–29 Number is for all sites from university’s common data set.
10 Estimate based on fringe benefit rate of 44.67% for library faculty, academic professionals, and staff, and
7.79% for graduate assistants.
11 The fringe benefit rate is 44.67% for library faculty, academic professionals, and staff, and 7.79% for
graduate assistants.
12 Not available.
13.a Includes Faculty, Academic Professionals, and Graduate Assistants.
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