108 · ARL Statistics 2012–2013
21 Extended loan periods have resulted in fewer renewals and checkouts. Additionally, more material is
available electronically.
29 OSU switched from quarters to semesters, which had an impact on enrollment.
Library branches included: Includes OSU-Oklahoma City, OSU-Okmulgee, OSU-Tulsa as well as the
Architecture Library, Curriculum Materials Library, and Veterinary Medicine Library on the Stillwater
Data from the Health Sciences Library are included in the figures reported.
1, 2 Titles and volumes increased with the addition of several large e-book collections.
4 E-books increased with the purchase of 3 large collections. Added OSU-Tulsa’s e-books which were not
included in the FY12 numbers.
7.a Due to inflation, increasing serial subscription expenditures reduced funds available for monographs and
one-time purchases.
7.c Increase due to significantly higher OCLC costs.
8.c Includes federal funds for work study students. These funds were not reported in FY12.
10 For tenure-track faculty, other professional staff, and staff this includes FICA, Workers Comp,
Unemployment Com, medical insurance, life insurance, retirement plan, Oklahoma Teachers Retirement
System Employer & Matching Fees, and a benefit administration fee.
11 Fringe benefits rates vary by type of position and by campus. The rate given is the OSU system official
designated rate.
18 Decrease attributed to refinements in Elsevier’s online report tool which introduced a de-duplicated count
resulting in a significant reduction for OSU-Tulsa counts.
20 Increase in searches due to new Summon subscription for OSU-Tulsa.
23 Increase in the number of doctor’s degrees awarded reflects a higher graduate student enrollment.
27 In FY12 the person reporting this number for OSU-Okmulgee underreported. The total number for FY12
should have been 12,174. The change for this year would then be +4.67%.
Library branches included: This includes the Knight Library (main library); Architecture and Allied Arts
Library; Global Scholars Hall Library Commons; Science Library; Mathematics Library; Rippey Library at
the Oregon Institute of Marine Biology; UO Portland Library and Learning Commons.
6, 7 Mainly due to the purchase of the Kesey manuscript collection.
7.a Unusual expenditure of $435,000 for the Kesey manuscript collection. Additional (non-library) university
funds were put toward this purchase but not recorded as library expenditure.
8.c Campus-wide reorganization led to responsibility for computer labs being brought into the library
portfolio. This resulted in an increase in student assistants, generally paid at a higher rate than many
other library student workers.
9 We made strategic investments in organizational development (professional memberships, conferences,
and travel) and in some upgrades to library technology and furnishings.
10 Current rate is $14,844 per full time employee for health insurance, plus 32.74% of salary for retirement,
payroll taxes, and other payroll expenses.
11 There is no official designated percent. The current rate is $14,844 per full time employee for fixed costs
(health insurance); plus 32.74% of salary for variable costs (retirement, payroll taxes, and other payroll
expenses). 59% is an average rate.
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