116 · ARL Statistics 2012–2013
18 Increased article downloads may be due to implementation of new discovery layer (SUMMON).
19 In past years we have edited COUNTER-compliant statistics from vendors when search figures indicated
federated searching within database. This figure reports searches as reported by the vendors.
20 We no longer utilize a federated search tool.
21, 22 Increased efficiencies in handling interlibrary loan requests.
23 Office of Institutional Research and Assessment reports increase as “blip” rather than trend.
Library branches included: Ambler Library, Harrisburg Library, Charles Blockson Afro-American
Collection, Social Science Data Library, Science & Engineering Library.
1 Reflects incorporation of tangible FDLP materials in catalog and online FDLP titles of monographic
nature in the catalog but not previously counted.
2 Reflects inclusion of tangible and electronic FDLP materials previously not incorporated well into counts.
4 Reflects incorporation of online FDLP titles of monographic nature in the catalog but not previously
10–11 34.50% rate for FY13 for full time staff. Part time personnel working at hourly rates, including student
assistants, had a rate of 8.40% these percentages were applied line by line to calculate the fringes reported
on line 10.
18–19 Calendar 2012 data.
20 Canceled our federated search service in favor of the Summon discovery service.
23 Through the reporting year 2011–2012 we reported only research Ph.D. degrees awarded, now (reporting
year 2012-2013) including practice doctoral degrees per the definition as well as research degrees.
Library branches included: UT Libraries-Knoxville and UT Space Institute Library-Tullahoma. Data from
the Law and Health Sciences Library are also included in the figures reported.
7 This figure is higher than expected because of carryover dollars from FY12 being spent in FY13 (due to
contracts/licenses still being negotiated at year’s end), a new allocation to collections from the student
library fee, and finds prepaid to vendors in FY12 and spent in FY13.
21 The variation in requests received and filled from FY12 to FY13 is due to a difference in the mechanism by
which these were counted.
All figures are as of 08/31/2013.
Library branches included: University of Texas at Austin Libraries, the Briscoe Center for American
History, the Tarlton Law Library, and the Harry Ransom Center.
2 The volume count includes e-books such as EBL, MyILibrary, ebrary, Gale Virtual Reference, ARTFL,
CIAO, LION, Evans Early American Imprints, Making of Modern Law, Sabin Americana, Making of
America, Oxford Reference Books online, Gerritsen, History e-book (now Humanities), OECD, World
Bank library, Annual Reviews, Si Ku Quan Shu, Old English Corpus, Heritage Quest, Stat Reference,
Thesaurus Linguae Graecae, and CHANT - Chinese Ancient Texts.
4 Increase due to UT Libraries adding a large number of serial set titles and Tarlton Law added a large
number of e-book materials as part of the ProQuest Digital Hearings Collection.
7 Includes total expenditures for library materials of $17,518,034 by the University Libraries, $1,650,715 by
the Tarlton Law Library, and $2,185,079 by the Harry Ransom Humanities Research Center.
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