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10 Fringe benefits paid by staff for 8a (professional staff) and 8b (support staff) at rate of 44.1%.
13.c Multiple staff/faculty vacancies and grant funding included.
18 The high increase from last year is due to disproportionate use of titles from three major packages (Wiley,
Science Direct, and Springer).
19 Number of regular searches 2011–2012 revised to 3,223,596. 1,129,367 searches that were from the Ebsco
DB1 usage report were not included in the FY 2012 number reported.
20 Number of federated searches 2011–2012 revised to 2,366,285. Sessions instead of searches were reported
in FY12.
21 Lending numbers dropped from FY11 to FY12 due to a transition from an old URSA platform for
PALCI/E-Z Borrow to a new Relais platform. This transition shuffled the existing logarithm and resulted
in Rutgers receiving fewer E-Z Borrow lending requests. From FY 2012 to FY 2013, this logarithm was
adjusted properly and resulted in more E-Z Borrow lending requests. Additionally, from FY11 to FY12,
there was a downward trend in the RAPID article lending because of an improper setting in the RAPID
system. From FY12 to FY13, this setting was readjusted and has resulted in more article lending requests
in the RAPID system.
All figures are as of 04/30/2013.
Library branches included: Overall library including 7 branches (Education & Music; Engineering; Health
Sciences; Law; Murray; Science; Veterinary Medicine) and Special Collections.
Library branches NOT included: Theological College libraries on campus that are not part of the library
1 Bibliographic count.
4 Increase reflects emphasis on electronic material.
6, 7 Majority of increase due to significant purchase of a special collection worth $2,052,454.
6–9, 10,
Expenditures as reported in Canadian dollars—Collections Expenditures: (7a) $4,319,119; (7b) $9,544,801;
(7c) $413,039; (7) $14,276,959; Salary Expenditures: (8a) $5,902,840; (8b) $3,554,724; (8c) $280,380; (8) $9,737,944;
(10) $1,564,031; Overall Expenditures: (7) $14,276,959; (8) $9,737,944; (9) $1,985,175; (6) $26,000,078; (12)
$139,242. NOTE: Total Salaries and Wages (Q8) EXCLUDES Fringe Benefits Expenditures (Q10).
7.a Increase due to significant purchase of a special collection worth $2,052,454.
7.c For contract binding expenditures, includes all costs applied to the bind fund including bindery costs not
paid to outside providers.
16 Includes directional, instructional and reference questions.
17 Decrease reflects emphasis on electronic material resulting in decreased circulation of physical material.
18 Based on the 2012 calendar year. Increase based on inclusion of 23,951 journals including major
publishers/platforms previously unreported such as: ACS, Cambridge, EBSCOhost, IOP, JSTOR,
ScienceDirect, Springer, Taylor&Francis, Wiley.
20 University of Saskatchewan does not use a federated search engine.
23 Includes MD, DMD, JD, PhD, DVM.
24 Distinct count of Degree and Major.
25 Reported as FTE. Note that our definition includes tenured librarians (~31 FTE) and faculty with
primarily clinical roles (~136 FTE).
26–29 Reported as head count.
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