110 · ARL Statistics 2012–2013
Data from the Law and Health Sciences Libraries are not included in the figures reported.
11 Editor’s Note: Published figure reflects the official designated percent for the Health Science Library, as
this is the maximum value entered for this question.
13 FTE values calculated this year in a more representative manner.
19, 20 Number of Regular and Federated Searches does not include data from ProQuest platforms.
26 2011–2012 figure for full-time students, undergraduate and graduate revised to 71,838.
27 2011–2012 figure for part-time students, undergraduate and graduate revised to 17,289.
28 2011–2012 figure for full-time graduate students revised to 5,925.
29 2011–2012 figure for part-time graduate students revised to 7,230.
Library branches included: University Library System (main, all departments, regional campus libraries
including Bradford, Greensburg, Johnstown, Titusville), Law Library, and the Health Sciences Libraries.
1 This is the first year we have submitted Titles Held. To compare with this year’s number, our total last
year was: 4,598,509.
4 Large set purchases this year.
7.a, 7.b Less spent on one time purchases and more needed to be spent on ongoing subscriptions and licenses.
8.b Staff were hired for grants received and a couple of key positions were filled .
9 More expenditures were expended for acquisitions.
10 Fringes higher to accommodate the staffing increase.
11 Total is an average of percentages of staff and faculty which were increased by the university.
12 The ULS added a couple consortia and bib utilities this past year.
14 Less instruction sessions.
15 Less participants because there were less instruction sessions
16 As in years past, reference transactions declined this year.
17 Initial circulations down.
19 Health Sciences were down 1.5 million this year
21 The number of requests from other libraries was down.
22 Health Sciences were exceptionally high.
Library branches included: East Asian, Marquand Art, Stokes Public & International Affairs, Music,
Architecture, Mudd Archives, Lewis Science, Engineering, and Furth Plasma Physics.
14–16 Because of more precise recordkeeping, branch totals are now added to the count.
18 Compiled from SFX data only; does not include direct links via Internet browsers and databases. Previous
year’s data was low due to data loss at SFX server.
Library branches included: Includes the library system on the West Lafayette campus, consisting of 11
subject-oriented libraries, an undergraduate library, and an archives and special collections research
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