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4 Figure reduced from last year—Suspected Error in 2011–2012 submission.
10 3,034,856 State Appropriated Fund Benefits; 199,620 Development, grants, etc.
11 37% Faculty, Professional, and other full-time employees; 14% Hourly student employees.
15 Increase in figure due to greater adherence to reporting.
20 Figure not available.
Library branches included: Central, Divinity, Peabody, Management, Music, Science & Engineering, and
Special Collections.
1–2 Addition of ProQuest Congressional collections.
4 Increase mainly due to addition of over 600,000 titles in ProQuest Congressional collections.
7.a Recovery from last year’s decrease.
8.c $150,604 is federal work study funding.
10 Includes health plan, life insurance, disability insurance, retirement plan, tuition assistance, vacation, and
sick leave.
13.b Unfilled vacancies & description of positions as professionals.
16 With increase in access to electronic resources, less assistance is requested.
18 Elsevier and ProQuest data not available for all of 2012/13.
22 Decreased need due to purchase of ProQuest digital dissertations and more electronic journal content.
27, 29 Change in emphasis of programs toward full-time students.
Library branches included: Alderman (Main), Astronomy, Biology/Psychology, Chemistry, Clemons
Undergraduate, Education, Fiske Kimball Fine Arts, Math, Music, Physics, Brown Science & Engineering
[University Library].
Library branches NOT included: Small Special Collections [University Library].
1 The separate reports for titles for Special Collections, Darden, HSL, and Law will include those titles
which duplicate titles with the University Library and with each other. The total number of de-duplicated
titles for all University of Virginia Libraries is 4,702,316. [University Library]
2 A sample of the stacks was done in order to adjust the size of collections. It more closely matched the
bibliographic count than did the previous numbers for this collection. Withdrawals from the collection
had not been reported for a number of years. [Darden Graduate Business Library]
3 A sample was done in the stacks of all University Library branches, except Special Collections, in FY13.
The numbers were closer to our bibliographic count than our previous piece count, so we are using the
bibliographic count for all University Library branches except Alderman (main library). The sample
numbers were used for Alderman. [University Library]
7.a There was an increase in funds from the endowment that was spent on monographs. There was also a
change in how we spend down state and local funds. Ca. $100,000 was spent on a large monographic
digital collection. [University Library]
8.a, 13.a The University Library changed how it defines “professional.” For the purposes of this survey, we have
included as “professional” those staff who: have advanced degrees (or, in a very few cases, equivalent
experience) or manage a staff or budget, and who have a high degree of specialized skill. [University
14 There has been more rigorous reporting of instruction activities by instructors. [University Library]
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