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Library branches included: Geisel, Biomedical, Mandeville Special Collections, Science & Engineering,
Arts, Social Sciences and Humanities.
Library branches NOT included: CLICS, IRPS MCL and SIO closed in the previous fiscal year and were
folded into the Main Library collection.
Mandeville Special Collections, Science & Engineering, Arts, Social Sciences and Humanities have all
closed as branch libraries and their collections have folded into the main (Geisel) Library collection. The
reorganization effort has impacted some programs and reporting.
1 We believe that the count of titles for 2011–2012 was inaccurate: UCSD typically has fewer titles than
4 Demand for electronic books and opportunity to purchase at negotiated rates after a period of frugal
collections management account for this notable increase.
7.c, 12, 20 Data not available.
9 Operating expenses increased largely due to one-time expenditures allocated to the reorganization
13.b Support staff positions were left unfilled after departures and retirements, and support positions for AAs
and IT personnel were reconfigured into pools.
14–16 Due to the consolidation of the multiple libraries into a single library and the reorganization with
program directors replacing department heads, outreach activities and reference scheduling was
impacted. We do expect to see these numbers increase as programs are implemented again.
17 There was an error in the 2011–2012 number: it should be 496,800. This still represents a decline in
circulation activity that is consistent with an increase in our e-resources and remote access.
18 All relevant data not available for this reporting year.
19 Electronic resources continue to expand at UCSD, along with increased remote access.
21, 22 There has been a decline in ILL requests, owing to increased availability of digital resources, so the
corresponding number of filled requests has fallen.
23 PhD: 528; MD: 125; Pharm: 64.
25 Faculty positions have been left unfilled while budget shortfalls have been an issue; however the Campus
has begun recruiting again.
27–29 The economy was figured to be the primary factor in students’ decisions regarding graduate school.
Anticipated improvement in the employment outlook may have encouraged more job-taking
opportunities and part-time rather than full-time studies.
Library branches included: Arts Library.
4 Reflects commitment to electronic preferred strategy.
7–7.b Used expenditures per Aleph.
Change of HR personnel reporting may have caused the significant shift in number reported.
10 Full medical and retirement package; significant changes were made last year to both benefits packages.
12 Change in UC support at CDL of shared purchases.
15 Increase due to increased outreach efforts.
16 While gate counts continue to go up reference transactions have dropped.
17 Gate count continues to climb but circulation has a significant drop.
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