120 · ARL Statistics 2012–2013
18 Article requests are included in the number reported for the University Library. [Darden Graduate
Business Library]
19 Searches are included in the number reported for the University Library. [Darden Graduate Business
19 We now have a librarian for whom tracking usage data is part of his job description. [University Library]
23 Degree figures were adjusted to include doctoral degrees, as well as PhDs, per ARL guidelines.
[University Library]
Library branches included: Art and Architecture, Vet Med, Carilion, NOVA, WAAC, Newman, Storage,
Special Collections.
8.c Made adjustment for part time staff. FY12 did not reflect part time staff salary in the salary column. It was
placed in the student salary column.
20 We use Summon and according to COUNTER have no federated searches. We should not have reported
any for FY12. This is footnote emphasizes this correction.
Library branches included: University of Washington Bothell and Tacoma libraries, Law, and Health
Sciences. [Main Library].
1 Number of titles unavailable due to system migration. [Main Library]
2 Bibliographic recount. [Main Library]
4 Increased purchasing. [Main Library]
6 Increase in collections and operating expenditures. [Main Library]
7 Increase in collections budget. [Main Library]
10 Benefits rate varies by employee group with average about 34%. [Main Library]
Library branches included: Includes WSU-Vancouver, WSU-Tri-Cities, WSU Energy Library, and WSU
Riverpoint Campus Library.
1 The counting method used in 2012 introduced some duplication into the count. The corrected figure for
2012 is 1,983,405.
7.c Collection support expenditure this year was reduced by recovery of a large credit.
11 Percentage varies by department and employment type.
19 Several additional databases were added to the default search in WSU Libraries’ WorldCat Local instance
during the current reporting period (calendar 2012, for electronic resource usage). These databases
accounted for 6,354,457 searches (regular and federated). 2,094,898 searches were reported for databases
for which usage was not reported for the preceding reporting period.
2 Reflects one-time acquisitions to address gaps in collections
7 Reflects one-time budget increases of over $1.1 million to cover gaps in collections.
10 Fringe benefits include annuity, FICA, health allowance, dependent tuition allowance.
16 The number of reference transactions increased because we began including the count for tours in FY13.
23–29 Includes numbers for all branches.
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