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All figures are as of 05/31/2013.
Library branches included: Burns Library, Bapst Library, Educational Resource Center, Graduate School of
Social Work Library, Theology and Ministry Library.
1 Includes Law Library. Due to system migration, title count is now based on new methodology, which is
resulting in a more accurate count than in prior years.
2 Electronic Volumes added this year: 18,069. This includes 1,540 individual titles, 278 locally digitized, 98
ETDs, and 16,153 added for packages (Cambridge Histories Online, ACLS Humanities, NBER working
papers, Oxford Reference Online, Oxford Scholarship Online: Social Work, Oxford Scholarship Online:
Religion, CSA PsycBooks, Elsevier Science Direct Collections, Springer E-book Collections, RSC Organic
Chemistry, Nineteenth Century Collections Online, Project Muse e-book collections). Includes physical
government documents: 134,268 (previously counted separately). Electronic government documents
included in Title count: 95,949.
7.c In the University Library there was a reduction in spending on binding, document delivery, and
electronic archiving compared to FY12. There was also a large one-time expenditure in special collections
in FY12, which inflated the 2012 figure.
10 Includes tuition remission, life insurance, long-term disability insurance, TIAA-CREF and Fidelity
retirement plans, medical insurance, dental insurance, adoption benefit, sick leave, vacation time, paid
12 This figure represents the list prices for databases received through the state of Massachusetts. The
databases vary, so the level of support varies from year to year.
13.b In the University Library, five support staff positions were created and filled.
13.c Student assistants are consistent with previous years, with only modest variation.
16 Reference transactions continue to decline. A new reporting system was implemented which may have
resulted in transactions missed during the transition period.
17 A new library system was implemented which has errors counting reserve circulations; we can’t be
sure there are not also errors in reporting general circulations. This figure also includes 1-2 months of
circulation data from the old system.
19 We are offering more databases to users, resulting in a significant increase in searches performed.
20 Increased use of articles search in Primo Central, which is not federated.
24 One PhD program was eliminated, remainder of discrepancy is a result of using IPEDs data.
29 No information provided on the increase in part time graduate students.
All figures are as of 12/31/2012.
1 We discovered that our previous title counts were overstated by 95,298. In order to report a more accurate
title count for 2012, we subtracted the 95,298 overstatement from the 101,695 new titles acquired during
2012, which leaves a net new increase to our title count of 6,397. This makes the percentage change 0.2%
rather than 2.7% as would have been reflected had the title count remained overstated.
9 Upon review of this figure when comparing it to the 2011 figure, it was discovered that an error was made
in the 2011 figure, which should have been $2,968,025 rather than $3,541,566. This obviously affects item 6
Total Library Expenditures for 2011 as well.
10 Fringe benefits include: Employer-paid 401k contributions, medical insurance, dental insurance, vision
insurance, life insurance, sick leave, and vacation leave.
20 The drop is the result of a few of our major vendors changing their platforms and changing how their
usage statistics are reported, combined with changed user behavior.
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