88 · ARL Statistics 2012–2013
17 Decrease in print circulation has been a trend for the last few UF reporting years. The dramatic up-swing
in e-resources usage reflects patron preference for accessibility, anytime anywhere.
18 UF now offers a more robust discovery system and this up-swing reflects the ease of access the system
19 UF acquired these usage statistics by using 360 Counter (Serials Solution); the increase for fiscal year 2012-
2013 reflects an increase in the number of provider platforms queried from last year to this year. 2012-2013,
UF had access to 15 provider platforms while in 2011–2012 UF only had access to 3 provider platforms;
thus, the dramatic increase in searches.
20 UF does not have federated searching capabilities; rather, we employ a discovery tool to access the
collection more effectively.
23 Includes Health Science Center Library and Legal Information Center Library not reported previously in
this category.
Library branches included: Main Library (Strozier); Dirac Science Library; College of Engineering Library;
Allen Music Library; Goldstein College of Information Library; Ringling Museum of Art Library; Panama
City, Panama Library; and Panama City, Florida Library; Florence Italy Study Center Library; and Special
Collections (includes Claude Pepper Center, Special Collections & Heritage Protocol).
7.a FSU made several one-time purchases in fiscal year 2011/2012 that were paid from the database and
e-book accounts. The publishers included: Gale, Readex, CQ Press, Alexander Street Press, ProQuest,
Classiques Garnier Numerique, Oxford University Press, and LYRASIS. This made last year’s number
higher than average.
7.c The decrease in Collection support is due to the fact that the Dirac Weed gave us OCLC credits.
12 Investigation is ongoing, but the drop is possibly due to FVLC changes.
13.a, 13.b This number has changed because we are now counting A&P classified positions as professional staff. In
earlier years, they were not included in this field.
14, 15 The drop in this number is largely due to departmental changes and short-staffing.
16 The exact reason for the drop in reference statistics is unclear. However, it is suspected that under-
reporting due to being short staffed is a major contributor to this drop.
16.a We changed from a direct count to sampling this year because low staffing did not allow us to maintain
the record keeping level of previous years.
19 This increase is due to improved COUNTER statistics.
21 This number has dropped due to the development of a robust resource sharing program, UBorrow,
within the state.
23 There was a typo in the previous year’s data, which should have been listed as 444 graduates.
29 It is unclear exactly why this drop is occurring. Possible reasons include lower-than average graduate
student stipends and health care benefits. Investigation to further uncover the cause of the change is
Library branches included: The Estelle and Melvin Gelman Library, The Eckles Library, and Virginia
Science and Technology Campus Library.
Data from the Law and Health Sciences Libraries are included in the figures reported.
1 Last year we included freely available e-books that were not maintained by the libraries. This year we did
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