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Platforms vary and none are great. License agreements can be difficult. Pricing is a huge problem - paying
100% for print & 100% for e-version
is often expected and isn’t sustainable.
Also, many publishers are trying to push
collections (either publication year or
subject or both) - we wish to stick with
title-by-title selection for the bulk of
e-books and we also want the choice of
Potential use by patrons is speculative. Preservation and continued access. Different pricing models pose some
challenges to the budget.
Pricing business model Licensing restrictions (e.g., preventing
ILL, lack of simultaneous users, etc.)
Incomplete content due to lack of
copyright permissions (e.g., lack of
images, image rights not obtainable)
Pricing models Usability Internal workflow issues
Pricing models. We do not want
subscriptions to e-books
User discovery Ownership vs access issues and long-
term preservation of e-books as digital
Printing and downloading are
deliberately limited by publishers.
Users must master multiple confusing
Proliferation of publishers trying to cut
out the aggregators and sell direct is
greatly increasing our labor to discover,
select and order e-book titles.
Promotion -- getting ROI seems to take
a great deal of work. There are still
barriers to adoption of e-books.
Processes for selecting/ordering are still
largely manual. We need to see e-books
included in approval plans from vendors
such as Blackwell.
Proprietary readers - these can be
troublesome to deal with and confusing
to users.
Counter compliant statistics - not all
vendors are providing these at a time
when they should. This makes one
suspicious about use.
Quality of MARC records or lack of
them. Quite honestly many libraries
no longer have the staff to create
bibliographic records on a title-by-title
Providing quality federated searching
without MARC subject headings
Maintaining accurate URLs as titles
move or die
Maintaining “versions” for historian
research as new materials is
Purchasing process is not
straightforward or convenient - too
many differences in pricing and access
Selectors are confused about what we
might have access to or what the best
route is for purchase.
The limits around printing, downloading,
use for reserve, multiple users, etc is
confusing and varies from vendor to
Records availability Access and “findability” Cost -sometimes 1.5 x print cost.
Selection Management Access
Shifting workflow for tech processing Licensing
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