Our library doesn’t want to get into the purchase of devices. We prefer to buy content and encourage the content
providers to make this content suitable for numerous devices via the Internet.
The number of library mobile e-book readers has stayed the same because we do not have mobile e-book readers.
We are definitely starting to see a resurgence of use of e-book readers (devices).
We do not offer mobile e-book readers.
We will probably acquire more e-books as stacks space continues to decrease and publishers have more limited print
Benefits of e-Book Collections
29. Please list up to three benefits of including e-books in the library’s collections. N=68
Benefit 1 Benefit 2 Benefit 3
24/7 access Multiple Users/Any location Full text searching and user preference
(for many users)
24/7 access Home desktop delivery ability to
24/7 access Space decreases
24/7 access Multiple or unlimited simultaneous
Saves space
24/7 access More than one user at a time Ability to use on mobile devices
24/7 and remote access
24/7 multi-user access Physical space saving Searchability of content
24x7 access to library resources Searchable content Multiple simultaneous user access to
individual titles.
Ability to not purchase title until user
wants it, but then supply it immediately
(patron driven acquisitions)
Provide 24/7 remote access Assure rapid access to heavily used
Ability to search text. Provides users with immediate access.
Access 24/7 Access by multiple users Searchability
Access books from anywhere - home/
24 access
Access for multiple users Convenience Searchability
Access to authorized users regardless of
their location.
Allows for multiple simultaneous users. Latest versions of certain books, such
as computer software texts, which are
difficult to keep up-to-date.
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