SPEC Kit 313: E-book Collections  ·  65
Benefit 1 Benefit 2 Benefit 3
Provides content to users who no longer
want to use print.
Provides anywhere anytime access. Allows for savings by providing system
wide access for one cost; don’t go lost
or missing or need to be reshelved or
Reach a wider audience than print - use
of print monograph collections has been
Meet user demand for online content Potential for inclusion in course
management systems
Remote 24/7 access. Simultaneous users. Searching text.
Remote access Multi-user Lower cost per title
Remote access Instant access Ability to search full-text
Remote access Searchability Multiple users
Remote access Multiple simultaneous users Features including searchability and
personal bookshelf
Remote access. Searchable text. Space savings.
Remote usage. Searchable content. Space savings.
Save space Serve distance education Accessible to multiple users at same
Saves cost on staff, saves construction/
shelving costs, saves cataloging costs.
Usage is very high Makes the library more relevant to
our user’s lives because our content is
available 24/7 and fits into their lifestyle.
Saves space in the stacks. Can have multiple simultaneous users
which cuts down on recall wars.
Can be used anytime, including when
the library is closed.
Simultaneous usage irrespective of user
Full-text searching exposed more
content to the user.
Conserves physical space.
Space and storage considerations Popularity and usage Accessibility
Space savings No processing charges Cross-searchable and discoverable
Support for distance education and
remote users in general.
Access to multiple copies of e-books. Eliminates theft of books in high
They can be found and used when the
building isn’t open and when it’s just
not easy for the user to get here.
Space for storing large collections is not
a problem!
Enhanced searching capabilities can be
great for users.
Users (faculty & students) can access the
content from any place at any time.
Ability to make e-books available for
course reserves greatly extends our
service to students.
Ability to search the content online.
Vendor-supplied MARC records decrease
the costs of processing.
Buying collections of e-books from
quality publishers usually result in a
lover average cost per title.
The ability to access an e-book anytime
and anywhere is very important.
Wider access to content Saves shelf space Multiple users
Wider access, available to students and
patrons off-campus.
Immediate gratification for user full-
text available on discovery of title.
Searchability of full-text of the book.
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