SPEC Kit 313: E-book Collections · 51
20. Has your library engaged in any activities to educate librarians and/or other library staff about the
use and development of e-book collections? N=70
Yes 46 66%
No 24 34%
If yes, please briefly describe those activities. N=43
An e-book FAQ has been written for the library’s Web site. New e-books and collection development strategies for
e-books are discussed at liaison librarian meetings. Posts in Library News blogs alert both staff and users to new
Announcements at department head meetings, which are communicated to members of the departments.
But not recently.
Current e-book working group is doing regular updates on its work and has arranged for vendor trials for library staff.
Demo on ordering from our primary vendor.
Demonstrations were given to library staff by e-book aggregators.
Discussion at collection development meetings (i.e., groups of selectors). Demonstrations at collection development
and public service meetings. Demonstrations by publisher/vendor reps.
E-book trends have been discussed in staff meetings and publisher representatives have described their products’
features and use.
E-books are discussed at collection development meetings. Announcements are made library-side for vendor
demonstrations. Regular updates are sent to public services by our digital access librarian.
Head of acquisitions arranged for visit by each major publisher and e-book vendor, in order to create an “e-book”
college so that selectors could be informed.
In-house training sessions.
Informal meeting to go over new platforms and functionality, includes vendor supplied training sessions.
Information sessions, presentations, meetings, committees, vendor demos, conference attendance.
Internal newsletter.
LibGuide creation highlighting current major e-book collections and their associated properties (printing, concurrent
users, etc.)
Librarians were notified when we were ready to begin ordering individual titles. They are kept updated when the
e-book platform software changes.
Library staff groups have explored e-books and written reports. Attendance at meetings about e-books has been
supported by the library. We engaged in a pilot project about e-book collection building which will form the basis of
future acquisitions workflow and collection development.
Mainly workshop and online training materials and several brown bags devoted to various e-book sub-topics (e.g.,
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