52 · Survey Results: Survey Questions And Responses
finding free e-books collecting and analyzing statistics, marketing to constituents, hand held devices, and selection/
collection management of e-books).
Most of this activity has centered on education regarding purchasing e-books. As we try very hard to mimic the
e-journal environment in our e-book purchases, this is already well trodden ground for most of our staff.
New e-book collections are routinely announced and demonstrated in Collection Development and Public Services
One-day retreat on trends and logistical concerns, best practices, etc.
Presentations at Library Council meetings.
Presentations by vendors and/or by library staff.
Regular discussion in collection development meetings.
Staff meetings.
Staff training sessions on the selection of e-books.
Training sessions for selectors including vendor training.
Vendor presentations and librarian presentations in staff meetings.
Vendor training library forums.
Vendor visits, webinars.
Vendors provide updates and training.
We have had working groups to develop workflows for e- and print books and present their documentation to the
rest of library staff.
We currently have an E-books Task Force that is engaging librarians and other library staff in e-book issues.
We have an e-book study group that has been investigating e-book collection development.
We have done a workshop in the past, and we include information about e-books in our monthly “What’s New in
Electronic Resources” e-mail newsletter. We also have a fairly new e-books task force that will eventually address the
issues of internal education as well as promotion.
We have had discussions in collection meetings.
We have had instructional presentations by many of our e-books providers.
We have had several meetings/demos on different publisher/vendor platforms.
We would discuss e-books as an agenda item in staff meetings.
We’ve done a few staff education sessions over the years, but it’s been pretty minimal. The main drivers have always
been the users. The users ask librarians for help and then librarians learn how to use the books. It’s not unusual for
students to ask for e-books, saying that printed books are just too heavy and cumbersome and their backpacks are
already full.
We’ve held informational sessions and hosted a webinar about Springer content.
We’ve invited publisher trainers to provide overviews of their products and one reference librarian provides highlights
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