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Some have said it should not be a proprietary format or require special software for reading materials.
There has been great demand for the Kindles.
They want to be able to read books on their iPhones, or check out Kindle readers (which the current licensing does
not allow.
Want to download to Kindle and iPhone.
No preference
In a recent e-book survey performed at our campus, both the Kindle and Sony readers were mentioned by users in
open comment sections the survey did not specifically ask users about readers.
No, but a majority of our users seem to have mobile phones, which suggests that we could target efforts in that
direction rather than independent mobile devices such as Sony, Kindle, Irex, etc.
No feedback from readers yet.
Not to my knowledge.
We have not asked about this on our user surveys.
e-Book Usage Monitoring/Tracking
24 Has your library monitored/tracked the use of e-book collections? N=72
Yes 60 83%
No 12 17%
If yes, what data has been collected? Check all that apply. N=61
Number of downloads 48 79%
Number of sessions 45 74%
Number of hits 40 66%
Number of searches 38 62%
Number of turn aways 37 61%
Number of hits within specified time period 31 51%
Number of title requests 27 44%
Subject area 20 33%
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