SPEC Kit 313: E-book Collections  ·  27
Please describe other selector. N=19
Associate University Librarian in consultation with the individual selectors.
Collection Development Council
Collection development librarians
Collections Committee
Dean and Associate Dean of Library
Director of collection development acquires collections in consultation with individual selectors
If an ongoing subscription, the committee which approves subscriptions.
Informal consultation between the heads of science and social science/humanities collections, the university librarian,
and the head of acquisitions/serials.
Large digital purchases are routinely reviewed by a committee of collection development librarians: this has been true
for indexes and databases for a long time, and is being extended for e-books in the sense of general oversight (such
as platform selection).
Selectors recommend collections to an Allocations Committee which approves all purchases over a set amount (not
just e-resources).
The collection evaluation committee (selectors representing each of the 3 subject areas, head of collection
development, electronic services coordinator)
We decide as a collection development group on larger packages/collections.
We discuss big-ticket collections in a general meeting of all selectors.
We prefer the user’s to select what books we purchases. E-books packages suitable for patron-driven pay-per-view or
purchase are selected by our Collection Development department
Both individual titles and collections
E-resources working group selection of platforms.
Our Collection Management Committee is responsible for choosing collections.
We are a selective depository library for government documents.
Please enter any additional comments about who selects e-books for your library. N=22
A general information resources committee includes department heads who consult with selectors to inform
collection purchase decisions.
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