SPEC Kit 313: E-book Collections  ·  41
14. How many of your current e-book agreements allow for the following? N=70
N None
Multiple simultaneous users 70 25 38 7
Ability to print content 69 1 9 41 18
Ability to include e-book in course management system
or e-reserves
69 2 32 32 3
COUNTER compliant statistics 68 4 44 19 1
MARC records 67 20 35 8
Sharing in a consortium 67 23 31 10
Ability to download to reader 64 15 25 22 2
Ability to lend e-book to other libraries (ILL) 63 17 37 8 1
15. Please describe any usage rights or other issue (e.g., perpetual access) you consider a deal breaker
in an e-book acquisition decision. N=33
Acceptable MARC records is a deal breaker.
Adverse liability and indemnity clauses are deal breakers.
Allow access to all campus sites under a single payment.
Consortial sharing and ILL are rare but do exist.
Deal breakers are proprietary software and a checkout process for users.
Excessive cost; Usage may not warrant renewal; Under utilization of e-book resource.
For individual titles: Prohibitions on printing and copying and lack of perpetual access.
Getting a definition of perpetual access from aggregators difficult. Publishers offering only subject level collection
purchases are problematic (Stringer, Elsevier).
I am unable to answer this completely without pulling out all of our e-book agreements and I can’t do that now. I
don’t think you want me guessing so I’m leaving most of the above unanswered.
If no permission for long-term access or preservation or rpm restrictions that prevent reasonable printing and
In almost all instances the lack of perpetual access would be a deal breaker.
It depends on the collection; perpetual access rights are always preferred. Limitations on number of users, limitations
on which campuses may use (not the full university). Printing permissions vary considerably.
Lack of perpetual access is definitely a deal breaker along with lack of multiple simultaneous user access and
governing law.
License to allow access to remote users through our proxy server is essential.
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