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Please enter any comments about collection development policies for e-books at your library.
Have a specific e-book policy
In addition to the usual criteria for book selection (authority, relevance, usage), there are licensing and technical
issues that had to be taken into account.
In general, we would view e-books as being encompassed by our general collection policy. However, we do have
guidelines for selectors given that e-books are a newer format and there are many questions around their acquisition.
Our collection development policies generally explicitly include materials in electronic format. However, the term
“e-books” is not used.
Our policies address e-books, but usually only in a general way. An example from formats collected statement:
Electronic Format: Electronic resources include indexes, databases, reference tools, e-books, and so forth. Networked
electronic access is preferred for full text journal literature and for indexing and abstracting.
The collection development policy for e-books includes most of the same criteria that we use when considering
We are currently working under a draft e-book collection development policy. The policy is now under review by our
e-book Working Group.
Do not have a specific e-book policy
E-books are included under the Internet Materials Policy, in the Collections Acquisitions and Preservation Manual.
Format is not as important as content.
In progress.
No, we currently do not have policies regarding purchases of e-books, but we do have some guidelines and strong
feelings about what we want from e-books. Therefore, all purchases are individually scrutinized (this is quite labor
intensive) and some purchases ultimately do not happen as the purchasing model does not meet what we are looking
Our collection development policies are format neutral.
Our collection development policies tend to concentrate on content rather than format. There is a section on digital
materials, but nothing specific to e-books.
Our collection development policy, adopted in 2008, is format agnostic. The goal in formulating it was to focus on the
appropriateness of content in meeting teaching and research needs.
Our collection policies deal with content, not so much format.
Our Collection Policy Statements have supplementary guidelines for electronic resources which include e-books.
Our policies address electronic resources in general, but not e-books specifically.
Our policies do not yet reflect e-books, it is expected that they will be updated soon
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