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Plan in the near future to add e-books to a number of new title alerts sent to library selectors.
Queries at reference desks may lead to discussion on e-books.
Reference interactions, meetings with individual faculty and students, e-book collections highlighted on library Web
RSS feed of new e-books.
Sometimes we have exhibits on e-books in our display cases.
Subject specialists sometimes e-mail their departments.
We mention e-books in library instruction sessions and we have also offered specialized sessions just about e-books
and e-book platforms.
Web site has prominent link that includes link to e-books collections and our e-research tools also has e-book
collections integrated. If appropriate, e-books are discussed in instructional sessions, but it is not always appropriate.
Please enter any additional comments about how the library educates users about e-books. N=9
Our e-book usage has always been between very high and we’ve never done much of anything to promote e-books.
Students and faculty just expect that there will be e-books available —- so word of mouth has been our best means
of getting the word out.
Part of instructional efforts of librarians.
Several marketing initiatives are currently underway, including additional training materials like video and other
tutorials, additional workshops, and promotional material. A recent campus newspaper article focused on e-books
and more should follow. Blog highlights have thus far been driven mainly by subject selectors, many of whom
maintain blogs; some select to push new titles via e-mail and other means. Other initiatives are in the queue to be
prioritized given limited staff time; these could include fairs, competitions, and more; even a print press rollout
briefly for last spring and likely to be developed more for full fall rollout.
Subject specialists who are liaisons to academic departments promote these resources to their respective
departments. E-books will be included in the list of new resources that’s provided on the library’s Web page.
The library currently does not have a method to educate users about e-books.
The new search engine for our online catalog will be able to include new e-books in RSS feeds.
We are working on Web tutorial, Web pages.
We have done nothing to promote e-books, per se. We do promote the collections which happen to have e-books.
We host a Vendor Fair each October. While it focuses primarily on science and engineering content and providers,
companies that visited last year included Books24x7.
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