54  ·  Survey Results:  Survey Questions And Responses
Please describe other device.
A few of our collections may be accessible by PDAs but we do not know to what extent.
iPod Touch (e.g., EBL).
Obviously, Google has 1.5 million e-books that are available free to mobile devices and we have APIs in our OPAC
that guide users to this type of content. But, in general, our users have indicated a preference for us to spend money
on content of permanent value rather than devices.
Only a small number are PDA or mobile accessible.
Other possible equipment depends on the particular resource.
Our systems group just acquired two Kindle readers and we’ll experiment with those.
Some books are available on some mobile devices, but this isn’t ubiquitous.
We have evaluated Kindle, but have not purchased any for checkout.
22. Does your library lend out any mobile e-book readers or provide other equipment to facilitate
e-book reading? N=72
Yes 10 14%
No 62 86%
If yes, please identify up to three types of equipment the library lends/provides, how many the
library makes available, and the loan period. N=8
Type/model of reader Number Loan period
iPod loaded with specific content
Kindle 2 1 week
Kindle 1 2 weeks
Kindle 1
Kindle 2
Sony E-Book reader
1 week
1 week
1 week
Laptops 44 3 hours in library
PDA 3 3 days
Sony E-Book reader 10 2 weeks
Sony E-Book reader 4 3 weeks
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