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Some types of content don’t work very well in print, but since print was the only option, that content ended up in
books. We keep tabs on publishers, subjects, and content type that gets low usage in print and try to move that
content to patron driven e-book models or pay-per-view. This has reduced costs and increased usage. Plus it’s a lot
less work for everyone, i.e., reduced staff costs.
Specific policies and procedures are in development, driven in large measure by current pilot projects and instigated
through a task force devoted to e-books. Right now e-books are covered under the aegis of both monograph and
e-resources policies.
There is a section on electronic resources in our policy, some of which is relevant to e-books, but there is nothing
specific to e-books alone.
There is a task force currently preparing a formal e-book policy.
There is nothing formally written in collection policy. By practice from experience we try now to purchases multi-user
access rather than single user license, and prefer to purchase perpetual access rather than to subscribe to dynamic
We are currently working on one.
We are in the process of developing policies. It is critical that we acquire interlibrary loan rights.
We encourage acquiring e-books over print where appropriate, particularly for reference and textbook titles, but no
formal policy as of yet.
We have accepted practices; we consider navigation, ability to print and download, simultaneous users, adequate
images, price, ability to purchase, interlibrary loan.
We have an understanding, but not a written policy. We have a task force that reviews e-books package offerings
and makes recommendations to the Collection Development Council. This is not integrated into any individual
collection development policies.
We plan to develop a policy.
7. Who selects e-books? Check all that apply. N=73
N Individual Titles
Any selector who selects books 72 70 40
Any selector who selects electronic resources 54 51 38
A consortium committee 25 7 24
An e-resources working group/team/committee 22 3 21
A special e-books working group/team/committee 5 2 5
Dedicated selector(s) for e-books 1 1
Other 18 3 18
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