SPEC Kit 313: E-book Collections  ·  49
OPAC does NOT allow searching and filtering by e-book format across all e-book packages. Library Web page
provides access to a few titles through its e-resource gateway.
Our subject librarians are adding links to virtual subject pages they have created.
re: Worldcat: our licenses prevent sharing e-book records.
Some collections and individual titles are federated or in process to be federated (we currently subscribe to 360
Search). We are working on adding e-book links to our new books tab and listing and other possible access points
(e.g., a tab on our subject guides template for e-books).
They are getting to the via openURL (and we really need to work with the commercial providers on this as our link
resolver received almost 500,000 openURL requests for books in 2008) and probably also getting to them in ways
we haven’t thought of yet. We had significant usage of Springer e-book content without ANY library provided access
points. We assume users found them via Google book search but we honestly don’t know.
We don’t send our free MARC records from publishers to OCLC.
Educational Activities
19. Besides online discovery methods, how else does your library educate users about the availability
and use of the library’s e-book collections? N=62
Instruction sessions discuss e-books 56 90%
Online/print research guides identify subject appropriate e-books 49 79%
Periodic new title alerts include e-books 34 55%
Library newsletter includes articles about e-books 30 48%
Blog highlights new e-book acquisitions 27 44%
Promotional printed material 14 23%
Web tutorials describe how to find and use e-books 9 15%
Other method 11 18%
Please describe other method.
Any of this activity would come from selectors to their specific campus constituencies or interactions via reference
activities such as reference desk, IM, chat, etc. There hasn’t been any strong cohesive library educational effort for
e-books over any other library material. That said, however, our e-book content is heavily used, much like our other
Bibliographer outreach.
It is just additional content.
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