94 · ARL Annual Salary Survey 2009–2010
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ARL Annual Salary Survey 2009–2010
University Library Questionnaire
Note: This is a copy of the form that you will submit electronically at:
Part I: Summary Data
Reporting Institution________________________________________________ Date Returned to ARL_____________
Report Prepared by (name)____________________________________________________________________________
Email address_ _____________________________________________________ Phone number____________________
Contact person (if different)_ __________________________________________________________________________
E-mail address_ ____________________________________________________ Phone number____________________
(Note: ARL will calculate the 2009-2010 median and average professional salaries for your library from the individual data
you supply in Part II (Excel form) of this questionnaire.)
1. Beginning Professional Salary Main Law Medical
Beginning professional salary for 2009–2010 _ __________ ________ __ ________
(Note: The Information shown below must be completed for all three branches (i.e. Main, Law and Health Science Libraries)
in Part1of the online form).
2. Rank Structure.
Indicate the number of levels in your institution’s rank structure for professional librarians. You should
report here the maximum number of rank levels, reported in Part II for individual data, under the Rank
_____ 1 level (i.e., no differentiated levels)
_____ 2 levels
_____ 3 levels
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