University Library Questionnaire and Instructions · 89 ITW Information Technology Web Development ITP Information Technology Programming/Application Development MEDIA Media/Multimedia Specialists (including graphics) PRES Preservation/Conservation SSPEC Subject Specialist HDACQ Head, Acquisitions Department HDCAT Head, Catalog Department/Unit HDCIRC Head, Circulation HDCOMP Head, Library and Computer Systems HDDOC Head, Documents Department HDMAP Head, Map Room/Department HDRBM Head, Rare Book/Manuscripts Department HDREF Head, Reference Department HDSER Head, Serials Department HDOTH Head, Other Department/Service/Agency CAT Catalogers, both general and specialized REF Reference librarians, both general and specialized PUBS Public Services, non-supervisory, except reference librarians TECH Technical Services, non-supervisory, except catalogers ADMIN Administrative and other units, non-supervisory position The position categories used in this survey are intended to correspond roughly with the activities carried on in libraries, not with any particular pattern of staff organization or nomenclature. Please use these categories in the manner you feel best applies to your library. If any individual has responsibilities described by more than one of the above categories, choose the category that is most typical of his/her general duties. Associate or Assistant Director, and Head, Other Branch. Use these codes for all persons at these levels regardless of the area of specialty. If an assistant or associate director is also head of a department, choose the category that most reflects the general duties of the person currently in the position. Specialists. These are of two kinds: Subject Specialists primarily build collections, but may also offer specialized reference and bibliographic services Functional Specialists are media special­ists or experts in management fields such as personnel, fiscal matters, systems, preservation, etc. Specialists may not be, strictly speaking, professional librarians (i.e., have an MLS). The “specialist” category would generally not be used for someone with significant supervisory responsi­ bilities, who should instead be listed as a department head or assistant director (see also note under Assistant Department Head, below). Functional Specialist sub-codes. Starting with the 2004–2005 Salary Survey, the ARL Statistics and Measurement Committee adopted a proposal from the ACRL Personnel Administrators and Staff Development Officers Discussion Group to break down the Functional Specialist category. For each position which would have been labeled FSPEC prior to 2004-05, instead please use one of the eight sub-codes (ARCH, BUSI, HUMRES, ITS, ITW, ITP, MEDIA, PRES) to describe that position. If you cannot determine which sub-code to use, please use the FSPEC code. Department Heads. Department Heads not specifically included in the above list should be included under the category “Head, Other Department/Service/Agency.” Head, Catalog Department should be used either for the department that handles all cataloging, or for the head of a specialized catalog­ing unit (e.g., copy cataloging or foreign languages). List the head of library automation and computer systems, applica­tions, programming, etc.
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