112 · ARL Annual Salary Survey 2009–2010 VIRGINIA Includes the following University of Virginia Libraries: Alderman (Main), Astronomy, Biology/Psychology, Chemistry, Clemons (Undergraduate), Education, Fiske Kimball Fine Arts, Math, Music, Physics, Brown Science/Engineering, Small Special Collections, Darden Graduate Business, Claude Moore Health Sciences, and the Authur Morris Law Library. Excludes the John Cook Wyllie Library at the University of Virginia College at Wise. WASHINGTON Includes librarians on the Seattle, Bothell, and Tacoma campuses of the University of Washington. WASHINGTON STATE Includes all main campus libraries and the following branches: WSU-Riverpoint Campus, WSU-Tri-Cities, WSU-Vancouver, and the WSU- Energy Library. WASHINGTON UNIVERSITY-ST. LOUIS Includes the Central Library and departmental libraries in Art & Architecture, Biology, Business, Chemistry, Earth & Planetary Sciences, East Asian, Music, Physics, Social Work, and West Campus Library. The Law and Medical libraries are also included. WATERLOO Includes the Dana Porter Davis Centre University Map Library, and Musagetes Architecture Libraries. We have a 6-level rank structure. WAYNE STATE The “general libraries” include the Purdy/Kresge Library, Science and Engineering Library, and the Undergraduate Library. The libraries not included in the “general libraries” are the Neef Law Library and the Shiffman Medical Library, which are reported separately, and the Reuther Archives of Labor and Urban Affairs, which is not included in this report. The decrease in the number of professionals reported (decreased from 2008–2009) is not the result of lost positions. It stems from our having looked more closely at which staff members were classified as professionals. The examination revealed that a certain level of staff that we have consistently counted as support staff when responding to the ARL Annual Survey were being counted as professional staff when responding to the Salary Survey. In order to be consistent and to accurately portray our libraries, we have now corrected this. WESTERN ONTARIO The D.B. Weldon Library, Business Library, Education Library, Music Library, Allyn & Betty Taylor Library are included in this survey. Affiliated College Libraries are not included. These are King’s University College Library, Huron University College Library, and the Brescia University College Library. July 1, 2009 salary increases are currently under negotiation. WISCONSIN Includes General Library System (Memorial, Steenbock, College, Art, Music, Special Collections, Geology, Geography, Biology, Physics, Social Work, Business, Chemistry, Math, Social Science Reading Room), Law, Medical, and the Wendt Engineering Library. Our rank structure is as follows: 1 = Associate Academic Librarian, 2 = Academic Librarian, 3 = Senior Academic Librarian, 4 = Distinguished Academic Librarian, 5 = Assistant/Associate Director, 6 = Director of the Steenbock, College, Memorial, Wendt, Law or Medical Libraries, 7 = Deputy Director General Library System, 0 = Director General Library.
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