104 · ARL Annual Salary Survey 2009–2010
Main Library submission includes: Mackimmie Library; Gallagher Library of Geology & Geophysics; Business Library; Military Museum
Library & Archives. Health Libraries include: Health Sciences Library and Health Information Network Knowledge Centres. The Law
Library is also included.
The following libraries are included: Doe, Moffitt, Bancroft, Anthropology, Art History/Classics, Astronomy- Mathematics- Statistics,
Bioscience and Natural Resources, Business & Economics, Chemistry, C.V. Starr East Asian Library (including Center for Chinese Studies),
Earth Sciences, Education-Psychology, Engineering, Environmental Design, Music, Optometry, Physics, Public Health (including Health
Sciences Information Services, and Occupational & Environmental Health), Social Welfare libraries, and the Northern Regional Library
The following libraries are not included: Architectural (Slide Library), Continuing Education of the Bar, Earthquake Engineering, Ethnic
Studies, Giannini, Institute of Governmental Studies, Institute of Industrial Relations, Institute of International Studies, and the Institute of
Transport Library.
Beginning 2004–2005, UCB salary figures include administrative stipends, where applicable.
Includes Peter J. Shields Library (Davis Campus); Physical Sciences & Engineering Library (Davis Campus); Carlson Health Sciences
Library (Davis Campus); Blaisdell Medical Center Library (Sacramento), and Agricultural & Resource Economics Library (Davis).
Librarians who are department heads have received administrative stipends since July 1, 1999, but these stipends were not included until
this report. We are including those stipends in the department head’s salaries (as reported) and we plan to continue to do so in the future.
Includes the Arts Library, College Library (Undergraduate Library), Eugene and Maxine Rosenfeld Management Library, Music Library,
Richard C. Rudolph East Asian Library, Science & Engineering Library, Social Sciences and Humanities Library (Charles E. Young Research
Library), and the Southern Regional Library Facility.
Includes data for 12 affiliated libraries on the UCLA campus including the 1) American Indian Studies Center, 2) Ralph M. Bunche African
American Studies Center, 3) Asian American Studies Center, 4) Chicano Studies Research Center, 5) Ethnomusicology Archive, 6) Film
& Television Archive, 7) Graduate School of Education & Information Studies, Department of Information Studies, 8) Institute for Social
Science Research, 9) Latin American Center/Hispanic American Periodicals Index, 10) Olive View Medical Center, 11) Grace M. Hunt
English Reading Room, and 12) William Andrews Clark Memorial Library.
Librarians who are department heads have received administrative stipends since January 1998; however, these stipends were not included
in the salaries reported to ARL prior to 2003. Beginning with the 2003 survey, UCLA now includes those stipends in salaries reported for
department heads. Interim department heads also receive stipends and these are reported in the survey.
The General Library Survey includes one Council of Library & Information Resources (CLIR) Fellows.
Includes the following: Rivera Library (serving the College of Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences, School of Education, and the School
of Business Administration), Science Library (serving the College of Natural & Agricultural Sciences, the College of Engineering, and
Biomedical Sciences), Palm Desert Campus Library (serving the Graduate School of Management & the College of Humanities, Arts, and
Social Sciences).
Media and Music Libraries are not included (there are no librarian employees in these facilities).
Includes the following: Arts Libraries, Social Sciences & Humanities, International Relations & Pacific Studies, Scripps Institution of
Oceanography, Science & Engineering, Special Collections Library, Biomedical Library, and the Medical Center Library.
Includes the Main and Arts Libraries.
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